Sunday, October 24, 2010

Best friends

I had a weird day--like I woke up of my own accord at 9:30. I do not even do that on weekdays. I am one of those people that sleeps until the world blows up or they have to pee--or 12 hours, whichever comes first. I have worked hard this weekend and it has been really nice. But I miss Barry and want him to come home--he says maybe next weekend. Actually he says he will be home Friday. But with his work, you never know, and his mom is still in the hospital going on day 10 for a 5 day visit--and I kind of think he wont really come here.

In any event, I did a FREAKISH amount of work before 1 pm. I was waiting for the rain, and it still has not come. I thought it would be a good day to see how Fonz would do after home confinement like he has been on for four weeks. He acts like he feels great, and he needs a trim, but I thought he might love some sun and movement

Plus, Sly has been breaking my heart standing in the barn mooning at him. He loves his mini Fonz.

There was some sniffing and loving. A lot of it in fact. It went on forever. Sly was so glad to have his buddy back. Fonz pretty much did not give a shit--but that is the Fonzie way of life.
Then there was some simultaneous rolling and just being happy about the world.
And as disappointed as I was to not get to photograph the classic Fonz-kick-Sly-in-the-chest, Sly-bite-Fonz-on-the-withers, because it only happened once before I was ready with the camera--it was nice to see how happy they were to be back together. Twister, mind you, had his head in a round bale and was completely disinterested.

Both of these horse crack me up. Fonz is a fine animal, who obviously was trained well when young. I sure wish I knew who did it, as I could advertise for him. Sly of course, is a breed unto himself. He is the lovingest animal I know. I wish people who think all stallions have to be man handled could know this one. I swear to you he spent 10 minutes just feeling Fonzie, like he was hugging him all over.

I will monitor Fonz in the morning to see how he is moving. He was sweating his poor butt off in the barn-he grew his long hair and then it started hitting 80 again. It broke my heart--I thought he needed some time out on the deadly dirt/grass, if only to cool him off. I actually thought the rain would drive him back in but it never rained again. I will check him in the morning to see what he needs, but I know he is having fun tonight.


Holly said...

sly has the BEST temperament. Really.

Paige said...

He is one of the things in my world that makes me think God loves me. It could have gone so wrong, but it did not.

Not only is he so pretty he still takes my breath away, he is so self-disciplined, he makes me feel lazy. But he loves me so much, I can stop him mid-stride with a holler, and on the very rare occasion he has had the ability to leave the property, he chooses to come home to mama--either the garage, the porch or the back door--because he picks me first.

If only people were so reliable!

Paige said...

But it is very nice to hear it from a person who is not in this family---who are all completely sold on him--

it makes it more authentic. You know how swell he is.

Those old pics of him and baby Gabriella at 13 months, and older, banging him in the face, sticking her fingers in his nose, his mouth, his ears---those tell the story

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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