Monday, August 16, 2010

Day one of Work Camp

This week, Barry was supposed to be home helping get all these properties in order. He has not been here for more than a weekend (and usually a weekend day at that) in over a year--and things just fall behind. I planned to work shorter days this week and use a bunch of vacation time to help him with big projects in the afternoons and evening

Well, it has not worked out that way. He ended up working all morning and I knew when he called me at 2 pm to see if I was coming home early that he had not done a damn thing on the list. I got home at 3:30 and what did I see? Barry standing in the driveway with a weed-eater in one hand (I almost did not know what it was, it is so rare I see it doing anything but hanging from the rafters in the garage), and talking on his phone.

I swear, I would like to shove that phone right up someone's ass. Being around him is like being around some huge business tycoon running a multinational corporation. He is not however doing that, and damn sure not getting paid like he is, so it is irritating that we cannot get through a meal without that thing chirping or cheeping or beeping or making some other absurd noise.

He did get more done than I would have thought this afternoon though. He finally cut up the tree that attacked my horse trailer last October and hauled it to the burnpile, along with a whole bunch of other trees that have lost branches--like the one that fell on the house. That is a pretty big job. Nowhere near as big as the one he really needs to do this week, which is clean up down trees that have fallen all over the pasture fences here at the house. I swear, it is a good thing Sly loves me too much to leave, or he would have long since left for greener pastures, as there is no way this fence can be working very well past a certain point, because there are huge trees down on the fence. Fortunately, the brush around those areas is so thick, he cannot possibly know how easy it would be to leave. Anyway, that was to be the job for tomorrow and Wednesday, leaving the rest of the week to work at the farm tearing down old fence, and repairing, etc.

He also wanted to go mountain biking and play golf, and lay in the pool etc.

Not gonna happen.

He is already called back to work to deal with the empty apartments of most of his crew--they were shipped out so fast, their apartments were not cleaned up at all, so he has to deal with the cleaning crews. He also has to haul out a bunch of stuff from the warehouse etc, so I guess he is out in the morning and will be back Wednesday nite or Thursday.

I already mowed like a wild woman tonight, and started Roundup-ing where he weedeated, but there is plenty to keep me busy while he is gone.

Things never go as planned around here


Anonymous said...

Best laid plans of mice and men go astray! ! !

Have you heard this before? ? ? ?

Sure you have and somehow it always 'interfers' with our lives.

But enjoy anyhow Carol

The Wife said...

Oh, I so feel your pain! We made a list. Then a water line broke, bull went thru the fence, etc. The list just got longer and longer the more we worked. How does that happen??

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sometimes, I think the more I plan, the less things happen.

Venom said...

Downed trees? Holy smokes do I know something about THAT here in the 'windy province'! Wicked is kept busy and we ALWAYS have bonfire material enough to throw all nighters. He also often reminds me what a 'good investment' he made to buy the swankiest chainsaw ever built.

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