Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here is what is wrong with Atlanta


I may have mentioned this before, but I wanted to remind everyone why I hate Delta airlines.

Not only did they pull that stunt last week with cancelling our flight then essentially telling us to get over it--later I found out they gave other people hotel vouchers (that did not cover the cost of course) and food vouchers, while essentially telling me it was our problem--now they have a new trick.

We have been in this airport for three hours. They changed the gate the first time, but told no one. We figured it out on our own. Then we get to this gate many miles away, where we are in no danger of getting on this flight either. It has been delayed so many times that now it does not leave until well after we are supposed to be home. Cute trick huh? And scrolling on the TV thing is a message about how Delta is "enhancing the experience for SELECT customers".

I am pretty sure I am not that customer.

They are waiting on a plane from Alaska to land to take us to St Louis. Evidently it is the only plane that they have access to. I hear rumors that it is in Atlanta--just no where near the gate. That does not bode well for the delayed until 11:00pm flight---I bet I am still sitting in this airport until the Fourth of July.

These people have seen the last dime from me they will ever see.

And did I mention that they LOST our luggage on the way down? With all our dive equipment, etc, in it?

Yeah, they did that too.

No wonder airlines are going bankrupt. I think we might be better off if they did and someone with some decent skills at running an organization started some new ones.


Holly said...

so when you decide to retire.....I have the next job for you.....


this is the kind of shit that always happens to me too and that is why I don't fly anymore.


never ever.

if I can't drive, I don't go. When I drive I am in charge of the detours, stop overs, hiccups on the flight plan etc.


Anonymous said...

Holly is CORRECT------We NEVER NEVER use any kind of public transportation------

course we NEVER TRAVEL----but if we did----"ON THE ROAD AGAIN" ourselves

As for you and Barry:
Good Grief
Heavens to Betsy
Oh My

Hope this finds you home and celebrating the birthday of the greatest country on earth.

Enjoy carol

Gail said...

You just seem to be lucky that way.

May the rest of your holiday be wonderful.

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