Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Taz breaks out

He has really taken to the baby pasture---look at him celebrate out there all by himself. That is one of my favorite things about babies--they do funny things out of the blue, and even they do not seem to know why. Really he was trying to climb his mother who had enough of him and ran out from under him, but it still makes a funny picture.
Evidently, he will be my comedian. Almost every photo session gives me something silly to laugh at. He looks like a donkey mouthing off here. A cute donkey, but still a donkey.
He yelled for a while. At absolutely nothing. And no one seemed to think it was strange at all.
This however, did get some attention. When I pulled in to the farm the other day, I thought he was chewing her mane. That irritates me, and it seems a little early for that behavior. He was not chewing though. He was SNORING. Dead asleep like that, with his baby tongue sticking out, sleeping away. If Gypsy had moved, baby would have gone face first into the dirt. So cute. He was really pissed that I woke him up laughing
I love how light colored he is. I know he will be cherry red before it is all over, but he is so pale right now. Its interesting, especially compared with how dark Gypsy is.
And there he goes again---
I took this photo after breakfast on Sunday. I fed and went to do other stuff, and everyone came to breakfast except baby. No baby, and no concern from Gypsy about it either. While I first assumed he was asleep hiding in the tall grass, I could not find him anywhere. I tromped through the mud looking for him trying not to panic. It was very odd. I have no idea where I thought he might have gone, but I suppose coyotes could have stolen him as he is definitely the easiest pickings in the pasture.

Eventually, Gypsy realized he was not there, and stood around looking stupid while I paniced and hollered for him. This seemed to worry Gypsy who finally decided to help me, but even she acted like she did not know where she had left him. This went on or a while. Eventually, she found him asleep in the grass where she most certainly had let him. Thank God.

Once he was recovered, he posed for pictures. He did not seem to understand what all the drama was about. Typical.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

He is quite the character, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh I love that picture of him sleeping!! That is too sweet!! I love when babies play! They always put on a good show!

Gail said...

A cut up is always fun to have. He's cute as a bug.

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