Monday, April 12, 2010

Two of a kind

Does anyone else see the resemblance between these two?

Gypsy is due Friday. So far I see no action other than general discomfort, and it is beautiful outside, so that is where she is. Maybe she will trick me--but nowhere better to foal than a big open pasture, so if she does she does. No big deal.

In other news, I took Squeak and Cash to the vet this morning, ostensibly to confirm they both need to be bred. Neither did. Typical. I go back Wednesday.

That is going to be a very long day, as Sly is having a very distinguished guest on Wednesday evening. I am not saying who yet, as I do not want to jinx anything, but suffice it to say that it is a HUGE honor for him. He is very excited. Oh who am I kidding. If a herd of jackass girls came to visit, he would be thrilled---he is first and foremost a man. They are not known for their ability to distinguish these things.

Also maybe Wednesday nite, if not earlier, the baby boy is having a specialist farrier come tend to his squirrelly legs. I am doing anything and everything possible to avoid surgical intervention, but I have no idea if it will work. Certainly, the opinions on what to do with a wonky legged foal are all over the place, and each opinion is persuasive when I hear it. It is overwhelming, especially since so many of the opinions are diametrically opposed to each other. One way or the other, we will get this little feller lined out. We are lucky to have so many really experienced professionals to help us along.

What else? Surely there is something to tell.

Guess not!


Jocelyn said...

what a beautiful mare !

So who is this guest? Cant wait to hear about that!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Poor Gypsy!
Won't the little colt's legs straighten out on their own?
Who is coming to see Sly??

hooves said...

If that pig has a baby, then you will have a million dollar pig. I can't tell, but I'll bet I know who is coming to see Sly. What time is the specialist coming to check out the baby legs? I want pictures please. hooves

Holly said...

I am anxious to see what Gypsy gives you this year. The last 2 have been spectacular. She is a gorgeous mare and I have a thing for bays and red horses.

Good luck with Baby Boy, I'm glad I'm not in your shoes!

Anonymous said...

Gee--Boce looks good too--busy doing something. Guess he wants some attention too--hehehe

Hope Squizzles gets help on those legs.

Have you "cleaned" your house/barn for this 'SPECIAL GUEST'? ? ?

and the nice weather continues--with yard work for us---but feels good after the winter and looks so good. In a week---we will be complaining----cutting grass AGAIN.

Human Nature! ! enjoy

Marilyn said...

That sure is a good looking pig!

Paige said...

I will not tell him that you do not already think he is a million dollar pig Hooves. You are just jealous because your boy pig looks like a damn Vulcan.

No specialist call yet--so maybe tomorrow. It could be busy around here! I will definitely take pics.

And you are right about the special guest--I will let the news out when the deed is done

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