Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I remember this feeling

From when we used to breed a lot more mares---I am so worn out, I can hardly type. And I have to stay awake three more hours.

My day started at 6:30 am, when I went to the vet. It is almost like Groundhogs Day around here. Cash is not developing, but Squeak is rushing herself to ovulation--which is not how it needed to be today. This requires another early morning tomorrow, and potentially flying her semen here.

Cash goes back Monday for further check and stays on regumate until then.

I worked all day, got a lot done too. Odd that, but I was really on a roll. I needed a day like that.

At lunch, I ran home and took Sly to the farm for his inaugural breeding of the year. He was understandable excited, but behaved himself. That made me very proud of him. I absolutely love that horse.

After work, the fancy farrier came to put Dalric Cuffs on baby boy to help straighten his legs. That was really interesting, and if I ever get a break I will down load the pics and post them.

While he was there, Sly's famous girlfriend arrived. She is ready to ovulate and had an excellent breeding. It was fun to hang out with her people and get her all arranged and settled into her stall where she will stay until we confirm ovulation. She gets an oxytocin shot at midnight.

I am worn slap out.

I cannot believe we used to do this for months on end--I am barely into it and beat already.

And Gypsy still shows no sign of foaling.....I bet she waits until I am finally catching up on my sleep. Thunderstorms are called for on Friday, so maybe then.


hooves said...

I would have paid good money to see all of those people at your farm etc. The owner of the famous girlfriend was on the phone with Randy as he backed into your barn lot. He informed Randy, after seeing the farrier's rig, that he now knew why we had to get a new horse trailer. He said we had to keep up with him. Funny, considering he makes money with the shoeing rig and we make no money with our horsetrailer. Did little Wonky legs give you any trouble? I was thinking that I would like to see famous girl's dad trying to help hold him. It may have actually been one of those cf moments? hooves

Holly said...

so dish already....who is this famous girlfriend for Sly?

Anonymous said...

Remember this feeling" comes from voice of experience---changing your decision making and now know better what is going on in your horse farming world.

But what do I know---I am just a Horse Student===hehehe!

Hope all your best laid plans work exactly as you wish.

Take care Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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