Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My pathetic reality

Ask me how late I was up watching Reality TV last nite? No, don't. It is embarrassing and I am not telling you anyway. Because it is pathetic.

I even watched Tool Academy 3 late into the night. Jennavecia from the Bad Girls Club is on it and she is out of control.

I watch them all.

Millionaire Matchmaker. I am on my third episode today, but I have to change it for Bad Girls Club. I really love that one. I will even watch those fools that sell real estate and they get on my last nerve, except Madison. He seems like a nice guy.

I also love me some Housewives. I did not start watching until the second season of OC, but now I watch them all. Whichever one is on is my favorite, although I thought the Jersey one was kind of gross. I change who I hate the most every week. This week I like Gretchen and hate Tamra. I also like Bethenny, and that Alex McCord---I cannot wrap my brain around her.

I even watch Jersery Shore.

Big Brother is my favorite, but it is the wrong season for it right now. I might get back into Survivor this year. Right now RuPaul's Drag Race is maybe my favorite one--especially where all the Queens fight on the show following it called "Untucked".

I like Tabitha's Salon Takeover, even though I think Tabitha looks like a very angry rat. She is kind of bad ass, so I let it slide, also, she says the F word more than me. You have to respect that in a rat.

Shear Genuis, Project Runway, Models of the Runway, America's Top Model, Top Chef, Design Star, Launch my Line, The Apprentice, America's Best Dance Crew, Celebrity Rehab, I may or may not get into Idol now that I have so much more to keep me busy.

What is wrong with me, do you think?

One thing that is not wrong with me today is this: that unfortunate streak of gray roots that someone put in my Mardi Gras pics has been addressed. Why do people let me go around like that?


3 Men and a Lady said...

Those reality shows make you feel like your life isn't so bad after all and that you did pretty good for yourself. LOL, that's my take anyway. They boost the ego a bit.

Anonymous said...

I am out of this "loop, box, circle" or whatever when it comes to Reality TV or for that matter much of TV.

Guess I am OLD --------

But WOW my Chicago Bulls won big time last night beating the NY Knicks. Yeah!!!!

Now that is reality.
Enjoy Carol

Venom said...

Oh Paige, now I feel the need to confess also...

Amazing Race
Tabatha's Salon Takeovers
Hell's Kitchen
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares
and occasional bits of Top Chef, Restaurant Makeover, Real Estate Intervention.... there may be others as well.

Ahhhh, it's too much looking at it like this!! I'd better get out and groom some horses...

Jocelyn said...

i watch Giuliana and Bill, Kardashians, hoarders, Clean House and everything on FLN and Style.

There you go isn't it cathartic?

Shelley said...

I catch Hoarders when I can. I pray to see my father featured on that show. One can always hope.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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