Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How the World Revolves around me

My need to control---especially the scheduling of the world--is almost legendary. And it is well-earned. I cannot tolerate the concept of wasted time, unless it is sleeping or at happy hour. I have to multi-task all the time--right now, I am blogging, watching TV, rubbing the dog with my feet and making cookies. This is the least I have done all day. It is just how I am.

So much has gone into this weekend--we so wanted Barry to be moved into his apartment before Mardi Gras, so we could entertain. I worried myself sick about him getting his work to sign the lease, to call the furniture rental joint a week in advance to make sure he could order things and get them in on time, call whoever is in charge of turning on the cable, etc--do it in advance so everything is in place when it needs to be. I even drive myself crazy.

But it is almost here and we are so excited. It is so rare that we get to just blow off--not be responsible, not take care of anyone or anything and just let loose--and this is our weekend to do it.

This is where I get horrid--and you realize just how deep-seated is my belief that the world revolves around me. Just when I start thinking that all our frivolous stuff really matters in the big picture, BIG important things happen. Sometimes, just sometimes, I am afraid the big things happen to give me perspective. Like quit worrying about who comes to the party, or whether the TV will be on yet, stuff like that--there are more important things in the world. I swear on most days, I know this stuff, but evidently karma thinks I need a reminder. If I did not get so self-involved, big stuff would not have to happen to get my attention.

Barry's mom is in the hospital in bad shape. She has ruptured her large intestines and her colon, and she put off going to the hospital so long that it was dang close to killing her.

We are headed up to see her tomorrow, and hoping that she does not need the emergency surgery they may have to do on Friday to cut out the bad stuff. They are already planning a colostomy down the road but they have to get this rampant infection out of her before she is completely septic.

Kind of makes Mardi Gras not matter huh?

In other news--that somehow I will also make about me---go here to see the huge news in our family. NEW BABY! For once, someone is not sick. We have a new nephew--his name is Crews. Bagi calls him Obo Kwooz. She talks funny. We should get to meet him sometime in the next three to six months, after Mandy and Edward go to Korea to fetch his fat little snausage self. He kills me how he looks like he is busting out all over. He is gonna Squash Bagi.

There is other big news in our Dang-Near-Family also posted on Mandy's blog. Liza and Kyle Liza finally got married---HALLELUJAH! She has been Mandy's best friend since they were little kids, and their friendship is a weird one. She is more like family than most of the people in our family, so to see her finally pull the trigger and get married to an awesome guy--and to do it her way--is the best news. Congrats you two!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thoughts and prayers are sent your way for Barry's mom. Congrats on the new baby in the family. Is he being adopted? SOmetimes you need a little Me time- it's too bad your Mardi Gras isn't so happy, but it's not over yet...

Holly said...

Oh man! This is serious shit Paige! Let Barry know I'm thinking of him and the family.

Jocelyn said...

Paige that is serious! I am sending big prayers for BS Mom and for speedy healing !

I am a complete CONTROL FREAK, so I completely understnad the need to freak about every detail. I get that, and well it's who we are and it cant be changed. SP has learned to deal.

Tell BS we are praying for his MOm !

Anonymous said...

Good news countereacts the bad news. Thoughts and get well wishes are sent for BS's Mom----and congrats to your sister and you guys for being another Auntie and Uncle

Medium news---have an Easter Bunny party down the road when ALL IS FINE.

Take care Carol

Amanda said...

I love that you called him a snausage. I keep imagining what Crews' thighs look like. Probably like a snausage. But maybe with more rolls. Oooh... I love his little fat self. I can't wait to bury my head in his little neck.

Bagi is totally gonna get squashed... but she can hold her own. Tiny but mighty!!!

Shelley said...

That darn Karma sure knows how to force perspective down our throats. I hope Barry's mother gets well soon.

Congrats on the new family addition. We have no little ones in our family anymore and I miss that innocence.

EmmaP said...

wow. you sure knowhow to pack a lotta punch in one post, I tell ya! fingers crossed and prayers for Barry's mom and for Crews to get here quickly... and I do hope that your Mardi Gras celebration is fun!

the cubicle's backporch said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Barry's mom.

I know exactly what you mean about needing to control everything.

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