Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter fat

In an effort to make myself feel better about gaining ten pounds or so since Thanksgiving--I have been searching for other things that are fatter than me. The first one I found was Sly. He always porks up big during the winter. This year he is so fat that I have cut his grain out--he is this fat on his round bale. Oddly, Fonzie is perfect size, and Twister is looking all crazy. But Sly is just fat.

See what I mean? He looks closer to foaling than any of the mares that actually are going to foal. Poor fat man. I sure do love him, but these complaints of his about the snow lasting so long are getting old. Since his water spigot has been frozen, and his water trough frozen solid, I have been delivering his water in buckets to the back gate--close to his round bale and close to the house so I can fill the buckets inside. He is a smart boy, so after the first day, he would run to the gate as soon as he heard me pull in the driveway. If I did not get out there straight away, he hollered until I got out there.

Finally, we got his spigot thawed, and that was when we realized his hose was frozen. I brought that in to thaw, and today was the day to put water in his trough on top of the frozen stuff. By that time, it appeared the new tank heater had quit. Of course it had. That gave me something to worry about last nite. In some moment of grace, today I got it all together--got the thawed hose to the barn, got the water to run, and somehow reset the tank heater so it would all work together.

One last element was missing--the horses. They are so sure their water should be delivered that they had to be fetched from the back and shown the water. That required me to tromp through the snow in my workout clothes and good tennis shoes. But by God, I did it. I only wish I had taken my camera back there as they were a hoot to watch bucking and showing off for me.

Twist was thrilled, but Sly was not sure he should have any part of it--I think he probably got shocked by the last malfunctioning one that started a fire. Maybe Twist is just dumb, and Sly was letting him be the guinea pig. I don't care, I am just glad that one hard chore is off my daily list. I have plenty of other stuff to do with my life than deliver water to those boys, who mostly play with it and throw it at each other anyway.

Now back to the Plumping up of Paige. That shit has to stop. To that end, I wore myself slap out tonite. I had an hour training session with the Beast--a pretty hard one, which is good. Then I ran to the farm, fed and hayed, and back to the gym, for a 5:30 spinning class. When I got there, I took off my jacket and pounds of alfalfa pellets fell out on the floor. That was a little embarrassing. I felt like I was on some hidden camera show. I lived through that--then I got all brave and went to a 6:20 Body Sculpting class.

I had never been, and turned out the teacher was someone I have known for a while. The class was packed, and I hid so I could not see myself in the mirror. I did the whole thing, without even thinking I was going to die. Well mostly. This is the first time I went to a regular person's aerobics class. I think I can swing this shit. The best part is that by the time I got everyone watered, and got home, I am too tired to eat much.

Somehow, I still think Sly will lose his winter fat before I will. But I am trying!


Anonymous said...

Good for you doing the body sculpting class! I need to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. I am "thinking" about my winter fat----or flab.

Take your pick!

enjoy and looks like our weather is back to normal. Yay!

Enjoy Carol

Holly said...

Mojo needs a new name he is so chunky. Rectangle he is. When you see him from behind, he is square in the butt with a channel for a spine. My mare also look pregnant, and I know for a fact she is not. But Xenia, who is a bit of a hard keeper, is looking pretty good.

Michelle said...

That's so funny about the alfalfa falling out at the gym! I can't count how many times I've reached into my pocket to pull out a handful of hay or straightened the leg of my jeans only to deposit a load of shavings on the floor that had previously been trapped in a crease in the material! Ahhh, the things we endure to indulge our love of horses!

Tammy said...

Everyone always says may "pregnant" gelding winters well. I am wintering well, too, and found those same 10 pounds you mentioned. I thought I was tackling it going back to Curves but you put my workout to shame! I gave all my fat clothes away, so the wardrobe is rather limited right now. Need to shed them... fast.

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