Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My sole NCHA Futurity purchase- I was good!

I am still not recovered from my annual December bout of the plague, which is why it has taken me so long to post. I have been home since Sunday evening, but too busy coughing and sleeping to post anything.

I bought only one thing, well one serious thing, that is. I bought a breeding to Playboy Boonsmal (Peptoboonsmal x Playboys Stormy). He has earnings of $157K. This choice is a little self- indulgent, as he is not the hottest thing in the business like Metallic Cat (who I would not kick out of the barn of course, but boy howdy $$$$)--but I have always liked him and wanted to breed to him. His previous owners did not seem to want to do business despite the fact that they owned some daughters of my mares that they bred to him.

However, he has new owners, and is standing at a new place that fought for my business. That gets my attention every time, so I finally pulled the trigger.

Right now, the only horses selling themselves are Dual Reys, High Brow Cats, Peptoboonsmals, and some of their assorted sons. You can hardly even tell them apart any more. I hate it that the industry is tightening up so much, but that is what it is doing. So this dude meets that requirement but still brings in some of the blood that has been good for the business for years in Freckles Playboy.

Isn't he handsome? I don't even know who I will breed him to, but I have a lot of options that will suit him. That will give me something to think about for the next few months.

This whole trip turned into a family affair--Mom, Barry, Mandy, Edward and Gabi were all there. Gabi was all duded up in a pink and purple plaid Cruel Girl shirt--who knew they made them so tiny? She was a trip. They have horses at her school and she loves them, but evidently she also loves a cow. She sat through the invitational yearling sale, with all that racket, and even paid attention some. When she went to the semi-finals, she immediately focused on the horse showing. She clapped when other people clapped and yelled GO randomly. If you asked her who should go, she would think real hard and then say "cows". She already has this half figured out.

I think the only thing she liked more was the trailers, which she calls "the big bus". Every time you turned around, she was asking to go insider the LQs of sale trailers. Barry is the same way. She did really good for all the distractions, and the noise and so many people around all the time. Now whether she will ever be tall enough to sit right so she could actually compete is anyone's guess. I should start looking for cutters who are under 5'0" to see if that is even an option.


Holly said...

I hope you are finally feeling better.

That is a hunka hunka boy fer sure. You should have some kinda bee-oo-tea-ful baby by him!

You are enamored of that Gabi Girl aren't you? And I never thought you to be a small-child-fan. If you have to attach yourself though, this one seems to fit the bill.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

He sure is nice looking! Good choice.

Carrie said...

Nice pick for a boyfriend. He sure is "studly". LOL

As for short riders, Dale Dodd is only 5'2". And a couple of others up here aren't much bigger. So Gabi could do it.

Anonymous said...

Memories abound of the Texas trip----which sounded like it was perfect. Family, husband, niece and HORSES.

But---glad you are back to the "land of the living" just in time for the holidays------

Enjoy and glad to be reading a "story" Carol

Linda said...

My gawd. That is the most beautiful animal I've ever seen! Very good choice.

Train Wreck said...

Oh I am sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope you get better soon.
Lordy! That is a handsome fella! Wow! Everything about him too. How exciting for you. I can't wait to see what you decide.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, hope you're feeling better.


The Wife said...

He sure is pretty! Can't wait to see what the baby will look like. Hope you get well soon. The weather is changing so much down here, we are all gettin' sick.

RunDrums said...

do you have any bay's in your herd?? to maybe get a blue roan.
something to think on. I know you don't "breed" for color. but if you have a good match for him that is bay.. there could be a chance.

nice looking boy

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