Thursday, November 26, 2009

Only in my world

You will not believe this one--yesterday I got word that I had horse escape issues again. I spent all afternoon rounding up horses and putting them on lockdown so they could not get out again. I have horses on top of horses up in there--pens full of em.

As you may recall, a new fence is being built. The horses have realized their means of egress has been compromised and are making new escape paths. Bastards. This led me to mosey down the road to the house of my Amish people to ask when they will be back to finish that section so I do not live in fear every day.

Well it won't be right now. Why, you ask? WHY? Because my main fence builder is in Mexico.


Since when do Amish people go to Mexico? What are the doing? Hunting cheap drugs and hookers?

That seems unlikely.


Shelley said...

Do the Amish take vacations?! I'm asking a serious question.

3 Men and a Lady said...

That's weird. I mean, seriously, what the hell does an Amish person do in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

If you dealt with the men----perhaps one of them has a wife who "converted" to Amish way of life from Mexico and wants to visit her family.

OR since they are pretty industrious people---perhaps a job of a sort-----

but to Mexico ? ? ? ?

Those horses don't know how grateful they should be to live on your farm-----and better behave.

May the rest of the weekend be nice, beautiful, trouble free.

Enjoy Carol

Gail said...

We are having the same cow issue. The wonderful part is we have discovered our Jack/Rat is a good cattle dog and helps the Borders work the cows.

Paige said...

Okay, I will tell the truth. I know why they are in Mexico. It just does not make as good a story as thinking my Amish are on Spring Break.

They went to the dentist. It is not uncommon actually-many local Amish will go to Mexico for cancer treatment or serious medical treatment, because it is so much cheaper. They go on the train--four of them went together this time.

See, not as good a story as the one I was making up

Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, this is one of your funniest posts, lol!

I saw your comment above...that makes sense!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Well! Obviously they can't work with a toothache!! LOL!!

Kim said...

No mention of the cerosene dressing, for Thanksgiving. Sorry I missed it.

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