Thursday, November 12, 2009

How I screwed up my day-this time

I might as well admit that as screwy as the last 24 hours have been, they are not really out of the ordinary. And that is just sad.

Last nite, I managed to get myself lost in the dark on my own freaking property. I could hear hotwire popping, but I could not see it. Out in the pastures amongst fifty head of mostly mares is not the safest place in the world when you cannot see, but there I was all the same.

I lived through that and made it to this morning. First order of business was catching and doctoring Tango, who is battling a pain in the ass case of cellulitis. I have never had to treat such a thing, so it throws me off my game a bit. I am not used to having "firsts" around here anymore when it comes to animal health. Tango is turned out in the front pasture with about seven I have to catch her to give her the morning antibiotics. She is not a fan of this, after taking shots for more than a week by now.

So I chase and chase and catch her--after tromping through the pasture until I cornered her. This was one of the few days I was dressed like a human being instead of a clown, as Barry describes it. I had on new jeans, new fancy mules with a heel that make me feel all growed up and a shirt that takes an iron. Pretty impressive huh? Far cry from my standard workout clothes or jeans and tshirts. Not the best choice for pasture crawling

I caught Tango, tied her to the gate and went to get her shot. By the time I got back, someone had bit her, pushed her into the water trough and untied her--so I had to catch her ass again. Got that job done, and headed to town to go to work.
This shows how she has been swelling above the wrap.....cross your fingers it simmers down soon.

I called the vet on the way to work, and the insurance man, and the elevator to order dog food...basic morning stuff--amazing how much I can jam into a three mile trip.

The work day was kind of normal--I had a streak of clarity and actually got something done. Bout time too as I have been in a rut of stupidity.

Late afternoon, before it got dark, I ran home to deal with Tango again. The vet wanted me to unwrap her and change to gentacin shots. 20cc--and of course, I do not have a 20cc syringe handy. I was going to pick one up at the vet when I stopped by to get Simba's meds, but for some reason they were closed in the middle of the day. So no "don't pee the bed" meds for Simba and no 20cc syringe. That means means two shots for Tango. I knew she would love that. And she did--bent two needles, and I managed to stab myself in the thumb with it. Typical. I unwrapped her leg to let the swelling move around. Let's hope that turns out okay. Ignore the dried goo on her leg--that is old Underwoods dried on there. She hurt too bad to be agreeable to scrubbing it off. The pink at the top is the actual ouch...and that white is paper towel stuck to her leg. I had my hands full cleaning this up now that the wraps are off. Notice the difference in size at the joints.

Back to work I went for a few more hours, where I had some more visions.

This is where it gets stupid.

I left work close to 7 p.m. As I usually do, I used the secret clicker to open the truck doors. Then I get in and look in my purse for the real keys. Cannot find them, so I get out and get the secret keys and attempt to use them to drive away. That is when I learn that the real keys had been in the ignition the whole time. Smart. Off I drive to the gym. Go in, wear myself out, come back out---truck is locked. No big deal, I can use the secret key. Nope, they are in my purse too. In the truck.

Crap. I had to call the tow truck, who took their own sweet time showing up while I shivered a bit in the parking lot. On a good note, I think I am getting the frequent flier rate with the tow truck, as this was the cheapest one ever. There has to be some good news huh?

Finally, it is like 8:30 and I swing by the farm to see that things are done, and am so relieved to be home. I loved my pig, give him some piggle food, and get in the house just in time to realize I did not pick up the damn dog food.

Well that is just too bad, as I am not going back out now. I had the scraps of one bag and one can of dog food, so I told Simba and Slater to work it out amongst themselves. That is about 1/4 of what they normally eat, so I dug out a few packs of hot dogs and defrosted them. Not like I was going to eat them. I think they are content now--at least they are snoring on the couch, so they are not complaining about my failure to provide a suitable meal.

Finally, I have time to sit down and download some pics from the last week. I am kind of afraid to even get up, for fear of what I will screw up next.


Holly said...

I have locked my keys in my car before but I usually realize it just as I slam the damn door.

There was one time I *thought* I locked them in when in fact I had them in the tack box and could not find them.

mrscravitz said...

Some days are like that! Bummer! But it made for an interesting blog! LOL
Sure hope the swelling goes down quickly in your horse's leg. It looks painful!

Also you know, canines, they don't care what they eat, and I am sure they felt the Luuuvve! when you gave them the hot dogs! LOL

Gail said...

May today be heavenly.

Linda said...

Some days are just laughable with one thing after another going cock-eyed aren't they? Well it probably wasn't funny at the time. Glad it all turned out ok and hope today is a smoother day. Have a good weekend!
Oh! and don't forget to buy dog food! :)

coreymom40 said...


Not sure how I would have handled all of that.

You amaze me with all you do accomplish on a normal day.

Anonymous said...

My dogs want to come live at your house and eat hotdogs for dinner. Bet your puppers loved it!

Hope Tango's leg heals up.

Liza Lundell

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh!! I hope your days have been better!!! With everything you are doing to Tango's leg, did you ever try hydrotherapy?? I mean it looks pretty healed now but with all of that swelling...

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