Thursday, June 11, 2009

A twofer--Gabi/Tequila

Lookie here--Gabi can swim! Ok, it it not totally swimming, but it is pretty danged impressive for a 26-month old short person. She powered around the pool like a wild woman all on her own forever. I am not kidding...she would putter around, or tread water, and float on her back or swim from one person to another. She could not grab the side ever because it would tip her over--not that she cared. She does not hold her nose at all, and if she gets water in her mouth, she just spits it out. It is so cute.
We have these really big noodle-like things--but they are kind of bean baggish in feel. She tried to tackle one on her own, but she is so tiny, she could not really get her arms around one enough to hang on it alone. That is all right with her though, since she loves "Uncle Barely", she can just play with him
She has no fear. I was probably more worried she would jump off the pool into the yard than she was of jumping into the pool. I realize she does this every day at home, but I figured maybe it would be different with an above ground pool than her nice pool. Did not phase her though. She would go way underwater and come up laughing. It was so fun to watch. Mandy and I were both like that as little bitty kids too.
Then we came in the house when it got dark, and Gabi fell in love with Tequila. It is kind of hard not to do, even as jacked up as Quila is. Important thing to note about this phot0, besides that grin on Gabi's face--Tequila is standing UP. She had a great evening last nite. I have been struggling so hard about her condition. Her back end is really getting weak. LAst nite, she was able to get up on her own, go up and down all the steps without falling, came to the pool to hang out with us, and changed locations a few times. It was wonderful. She is not sturdy by any means, but she did it. We have had a few days lately where going up and down the few stairs we have caused her to fall down. It scares her and makes me cry. She is not good on the tile or the wood floors- and we have only two rooms with carpet. She never even complains or cries like she hurts, but her daily dose of Previcox (Which I was out of for a few days while we were on vacation, so I have been blaming her downhill slide on lack of proper meds) does tend to help her. This week, we have put her on Tramadol as a last ditch effort to get her moving more. If this does not do the trick, Tequila will have to be put to sleep.
And it is killing me. Because I love her and I know she did not have an easy life before she came to us a couple of years ago--hell, it has not always been easy since she got here. I do not want her to suffer and I am afraid I am not willing to see the final sign from her because I dread it so much. It is horrible.
Gabi hugged her real big and said "I love you, Quila", while I was taking pictures, and of course, that set me off crying. I kept hoping these were not the last pics I would ever be able to take of her. And then being glad that Tequila got to have a fun day with Gabi, and that Gabi got to love on her--she loves dogs so much, despite being bitten in the face by her nutbag dog and as a result, having to get rid of her.
Quila is not the most affectionate dog in the world, but she liked Gabi loving her.
They had several important discussions. Notice the pig in the background--he is sneaking up on her, because he is a little scared of Gabi and this seemed to be the only way he could do it.
I do not know who is bossing who in this picture.
Everyone likes Slater, so I brought him in give her someone else to love on. This picture absolutely cracked me up--she is so tiny, she does not even come to his chin. I think he is hugging her back though.
It is fun playing at our house. There are a lot of toys for dogs to get out, and some hats to play with and leftover Mardi Gras beads...we are a well-rounded household.

She is pretty cute huh?


Holly said...

she is tremendously cute. Really really cute. Adorable cute.

Hugs to you about Quila.

Carrie said...

OMG - both of them are adorable. And so is Barry. LOL

Gabi is growing up so fast. I keep track of her on her own blog and comment every so often. What a lucky little girl to be in such a great family.

Quila looks good tonight. I am glad she was feeling good enough to enjoy the Gabi love.

Hugs to you all!!!

Lorna said...

Oh my goodness... What a total set of pictures that exude cute, cuddly, darling and adorable and that goes for Ms Gabi, Teq, Mr Peeg, and Slater!

Glad Teq is feeling a bit better!

Hang in there. Glad you are getting some smiles with family.

Laura said...

Haha, the pictures of a miniature human and a giant dog really crack me up.. That's too cute!

Anonymous said...

Life can be great--throw in a darling niece----big, sweet ole dogs, and pictures to have for future memories.

Is there anything better?

Enjoy enjoy Carol

Fancy Schmancy said...

Gabi is adorable. I truly hope the new meds help Tequila hang in there a little longer.

Amy B. said...


City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh Paige those pictures made me tear up!! I love the ones with Gabi hugging and kissing Quila!! The pig just out right made me LOL!!! And I love the one with Slater, he towers her and she doesn't care!! Maybe her presence is giving Quila a sense of peace...Kids can do that, and she's a special one!! She seems to have a real knack with animals!!

I want to thank you for your thoughts for my SIL! Your story of your friend is very encouraging so thank you!!

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