Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Barry Saw

Barry just got home and he is all wound up about what he saw at his breakfast McDonald's stop on his road trip.

Evidently he met a big African-American sister in her nightgown and slippers--some hard working slippers they must have been as he said she was well over 6 feet tall and way more than 300 pounds. She was also wearing a stocking cap and carrying a big ol purse.

Since she was wearing her nightgown, she was not wearing her brassiere, which scared the hell out of him as he was afraid she was going to bust out and now that he thinks about it, she was not wearing some drawers either, as he said her ass was all over the place.

She must have been a regular at this McDonald's as he says she greeted everyone at top volume, in her screechy loud-talking voice, and did not quit the whole time he was there.

Now here is what I want to know--

Was this any of you?


Bekah said...

i knew i should have worn a bra

Paige said...

He says for you to tie those dogs down, sister, you are ruining his breakfast

Holly said...

blink blink

mouth opens

mouth closes


*Sarah* said...

HAHAHAHA wow that is CLASSIC right there I wish I could have seen something straight up out of a story like that

Paige said...

Now see since you both actually know him, you can imagine his story when he was telling it, can't you?

Lori said...

It is painfully obvious you and Barry do not spend enough time in Wal-Mart. Either that or it's painfully obvious *I* spend too much time there.

BITRCountryGirl said...

Wasn't me I was here blogging.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Ha!

"Lori" said it all.

Us too. We can't afford entertainment or shopping these days so we


Hehehe Enjoy Carol

Jamik said...

Oh no Paige.... that is probably burned on poor Barry's brain forever. He may be scarred for life. I'm not sure they have therapy for that either! LOL

Mrs Parks said...

No, I'm home and wearing underpants.
I swear.

Abby said...

Sorry, my shoes were in the laundry.

Train Wreck said...

LMAO!!! We live in a small town too!! Yet I have never seen "Bekah" at our local mickey d's!!! I did however see a rather well , very well endowed woman with a WHITE t shirt on No "Secret with Viictoria!" Standing in the freezer section with the door wide open!!! YIKES!! "Those dogs" must have been Pointers! he he !My husband was home at the time, but I share my story!! He just rolled his eyes, and was thankful he won the coin toss,(I had to go to the store!) Lucky me!

The Wife said...

Too funny! That's why I try to stay away from McD's! Just never know what kind of side show you'll get with your meal!

Jodi said...

Like Barry would have looked away if her big ole McTitties would have wandered out of her nightgown. Yeah right. LOL

Paige said...

I know, he acts like I have never met him.

He has since told me that it was in fact a ROBE--which is why he was so skeered they would get out.

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