Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jailbreak...or it was bound to happen

I got to the farm after work, scraped the last of the Strategy from its house, whistled a little ditty and skipped down the aisleway like the happy go lucky gal I am, to feed my little weanling babies in their stalls. Stall 1 was happy to see me, and no wonder since that baby boy Uno is by himself.

Stall 2 was happy to see me as they really like food. Stall 3--hey ! What the hell? Lookie here--there is no front on this stall. These are two inch thick oak boards. Most are knocked down, and some are split slap in half. It looks like a tornado went through it. I started to panic, thinking baby Disco must be hurt.
I looked closer and saw that not only was the entire front of the stall to the left of the door destroyed (the right side is blocked by a big hay bale holder), but the corral panel that Barry had put in there to serve as a better barrier so that she did not wiggle over the wall of the stall like she did on the first nite, was completely folded over at the top. The entire top rail was bent down.
And no baby. Not a one in there. I looked all around the interior of the property and found nada, nor did I find torn up gates, or anything that would give me a hint where she went. So I loaded up my Gator and headed out to the pasture to find her---I assumed she was in the hay field in the back with her mother Gyro. As you can see by this photo, I found her. Only she is not Disco. Never was Disco. It was Ammo causing all this trouble, and she had found her mother Diablo. And look how HUGE she is.
We brought them in and that is when I saw that Ammo was limping. It is no wonder considering how much damage she did in the stall, I was just surprised that it had not occurred to me to worry about that until I saw her. That is not like me. She loped after her mother very willingly, so it is not killing her, but eventually she picked it up and did not use it to put weight on at all. She is pretty well swollen, and has a little dried blood on the inside, but it does not look deep at all.

These children are killing me. I knew weaning would not go without incident this time-it never does, but we were SO CLOSE to being done with it.

So both Ammo and her mama are back in for the evening, and we will separate them again tomorrow and if the swelling is still there after her first treatment, we will wrap her up and get her lined out. Poor baby.

Edited to add: I forgot to tell you the best part. I stepped on one of those damn boards, whose nails were sticking up and buried a nail half an inch into my foot. I am ignoring it.


*Sarah* said...

haha "these children are killing me" who needs human babies when you have like 40 horses

BITRCountryGirl said...

Sorry about the jailbreak. We had a similar situation only with cattle....we actually had to go TWO fence panels high to keep them in. Sorry about the nail in the foot too.

Lazy A Ranch said...

When I weaned my kids, I swear I was breeding hunters/jumpers and not lil cowhorses. 3 out of 5 jumped fences, and that crap drove me crazy. This year was the worst weaning season ever for me. The first two I wean with no issues at all, they didn't even cry or fuss and their moms where acting crazy. The next three were a nightmare, moms and babies were all bad.

J & J Acres said...

Wow... those babies sure are serious about getting out to their moms aren't they? Good lord!

And Ammo IS big!

Tiffany said...

She sure is a big baby. Good luck with those bad kids of yours. LOL

Train Wreck said...

Oh it looks superficial!!That's good! Shes a beauty! You however!! Owie!! I have stepped on a nail once before. Had to get a tetnus shot! You take care of yourself!

The Wife said...

Oh my, it is always something with them babies.

Hope you've had your tetanus shot within the last 10 years!

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