Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am such a doofus

Since I am making features about stupid stuff my clients do, it is only fair to tell the stupid things I do. I realize I mostly do this, but sometimes the stuff is just so funny, I have to give it its own post.

For example, I was just paying bills online, and I am trying to not let certain things get away from me. Like the feed store/elevator bill. I was just there today and things are not right--like I need about 3 tons of Strategy delivered (which by the way is over 500 a ton now), as I will be out by Friday and I was so excited to hear the truck is coming on Friday. Well turns out it is NEXT Friday. And the Senior is not in yet, so poor Gramps is eating junior food like he is a baby, but they did find me a bag of beet pulp which will make him happy and which has been impossible to get for the last few weeks. And on top of that, I had to get dog food, which I told myself I would start paying for instead of having them put it on my tab like I usually do, and then pay at the end of the month.

Anyway, what this comes down to is that it reminded me to come back to the office and set up a payment for dog food--since it comes out of a different account, I can do that now. I know that makes no sense to you, but it does me, so there.

I type up the amount, and because this is a new thing for me to pay with this account, and a weird amount, I decide to write on the memo line that it is for dog food.

But what did I write?


As if I do not have enough pressure in my life, evidently I now think I also have to feed GOD.

I am bound to screw that up, for real


Bekah said...

i hear he likes bread

BITRCountryGirl said...

And wine!

Anonymous said...

don't forget fish.


Paige said...

Such wits you girls are.

I bet they dont have any of that at the elevator!

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