Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Mother Charged With First Degree Murder
MARION -- Williamson County authorities say a Herrin mother killed her child this weekend. 18 year old Karrae Starr has been charged with two counts of first degree murder in the death of her three year old daughter Bianca Saturday night. Bianca Starr celebrated her third birthday only three weeks ago. Saturday night she was pronounced dead at Herrin hospital.

And now, authorities say her mother is to blame.

Friends and family say Karrae Starr is a young loving mother. Someone who isn't capable of killing her three year old daughter. But Williamson County States Attorney Chuck Garnati says that's exactly what Karrae did, and that she acted alone."I can tell you that at this point in time we have absolutely no evidence that there were any suspects or any other person involved in the little girls death," said Garnati.

According to court documents, Karrae covered her daughter's mouth and nose with the intent to kill her. But Karrae's sister Caitlin says that's not the way it happened."It was just one of those things when she stood up gave her mom a look and fell backwards stumbled backwards and blood coming out her nose and foam coming out her mouth," said Caitlin Starr.

Because Starr is only 18 Garnati couldn't comment on whether she has any criminal history. He also declined to comment on whether or not she was the only one home at the time of the incident.

Starr's family members called News Three concerned Karrae wouldn't be able to attend her daughter's funeral. When we asked Chuck Garnati if any arrangements had been made to allow Starr to attend, this was his response."We've been so busy solving the case, trying to solve the alleged case, that had not even crossed my mind," said Garnati. Garnati says he will see if it's possible for Starr to attend Bianca's funeral which is scheduled for Tuesday. A final autopsy report has not been released.

By Ryan


Back in the day when we had rental property, this girl's family was our tenant. There were four little girls, and the second oldest was her sister (they shared a father). I vaguely remember her being there occasionally, but I could be mixing her up with another one.

I have been reading some things online, myspace stuff, etc, and family members are weighing in about how the State and foster care systems failed this family, etc....and if this poor mother (who got pregnant in 8th grade) is anything like the rest of the clan that I knew, she certainly could have benefited from some help.

It is just such a shame


Train Wreck said...

What a tragic story! 8th grade!? I think I was still playing with my barbie! Not even with KEN!

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