Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A wonderful outcome

Look what came in the mail! When I finally got home tonight, I saw a big honking box on the island, and it had been opened already, but not unloaded. I could not imagine what it was--can you believe that I forgot about the pickles already?

Barry gave me the strangest look and asked me how damn many pickles does one person need? What a stupid question. Pickles are like cheese--you can never have too much nor can you have too many kinds. Sometimes I wonder if he is paying attention to me at all. We have a whole pickle shelf in the fridge, for Pete's sake

This sour pickle business is different--I only have these because Bekah found them for me.

I put one jar in the fridge then went off to do something else--put pool chemicals in, I think. Or do a laundry. Or hunt some eggs out of the trailer, so I could make these stupid cupcakes (which by the way, are delightful with nos stupid sprinkles to mess them up). Anyway, I did something

I could not stand it though, and within the hour, I had them cracked open even if they were not cold yet. I was worried they would be wrong, as most pickles are. I sniffed 'em up real good. I tasted it without biting it--like I was trying to get my courage up. What the hell is wrong with me? I was just afraid they would be wrong and I would have 6 gallons of wrong ass pickles-and what do you do with that? There are no people who eat sour pickles except me and mom, so it is not like there would be a bunch of takers for homeless pickles.

I got all settled in my chair and finally did it. I bit it. It was AWESOME. They are not quite the same as my regular but AWOL pickles, but they are GOOD. GOOD, I say.

I almost cried, and if you think I am kidding, you do not know me very well.

Thank you so much, Bekah, you cannot know how happy this makes me and how much appreciated it is at the end of this hellacious day I have had


Holly said...

heavens. Pickles AND cupcakes? In one day?

puts hand to forehead and swoons.

Mrs Parks said...

I am not a coniseur by any means.
To me a pickle is just, shall I say a pickle.
Now, if we were talking about coconut pie or pop-tarts I could weigh in with an opinion.

I had a thought about what you could have done if they had turned out to be oogy pickles though.
A bloggy give away!!
A contest of sorts, and the question could have been... whats the worst pickle you have ever been in?

Paige said...

Hey that would have been good! Smart chick you are

So what is your pop-tart flavor-I do not do coconut pie, but I can talk pop-tart flavors with you. I am pretty mainstream but I do have a funny story about my mom starting her career of lying to me about a pop-tart when I was 5

Bekah said...


*Sarah* said...


what is the difference between a sour pickle and a dill pickle? Cause dill pickles are sour too.

Paige said...

Oh Sarah, my pretty little Sarah---a WORLD of difference.

A dill pickle is kind of a halfway sort of affair. A whoel sour is SERIOUS BUSINESS--pucker your mouth sort of serious. There are even such things called half-sour pickles (never had one but probably okay)

A sour pickle is a beautiful thing. I would share with you if you were here. Oh who am I kidding--no, I would not

*Sarah* said...

HAHA yeah I would probably have to pry them from your dead cold hands

but I was wondering, for I love dill pickles, but I don't know about them being THAT sour

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