Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This and that, and other weaning stories

In between the 946 other things I did today, I took every chance I could to take photos with the long lens, to see if it is in fact cracked up or I just suck as a photog. It appears to be bad news--the lens is okay and I need to get a new hobby. This is the neighbor's yard, as I went to work this morning...you can imagine that people with yards like this are strained by living next door to people who cannot keep their lawn mower out of the shop for more than a week at a time. Sometimes it is so hard on them that they even mow my house barn area for me, which is much appreciated. Anyway, they have a beautiful huge yard that they work on constantly.
This was an indoor shoot of the kitty who is chilling on the throw-away saddle after work. And after 8 appointments, as you already know. He was cute so I took about 6--5 were in focus. Surely if my lens was legitimately screwed, fewer would have been okay, don't you think?
This is the screw ball Tequila. This might be the only shot I have ever gotten that shows her ruptured eyeball--which sounds worse than it is. She has white scar tissue running through her iris on that left eye. Note as well, her half-an-ear, courtesy of Simba. Her movements are still getting better, which made my day a little better too. I hate when my animals are unwell, even if the particular unwellness is funny. I am demented like that.
Fat boy Sly--I took this shot on the way out of the driveway this morning--I did not even get out of the car, I am that lazy. See that stupid weed at his shoulder? Those things are going to be the death of me--I mow mow mow mow and I swear to you they grow back over nite. I am amazed that there is still grass out there, but they are getting fat on it and ignoring their round bales in the back that have been there since July.
This is my little piggy yard thing Rita gave me. It was the first thing I saw this morning when I left so I took a picture of it. I am tricky like that, so unpredictable.

Now here is the rundown of what happened wrong since I was last in here complaining a few hours ago. I got my hairs did, they are swell. But I did not want to sweat it up and let it get frizzy so I can wear it straight tomorrow--did that plan work out? No. And I dont know where my flat iron is..but who am I kidding, I would not use it anyway.

Also, supposedly the trailer sellers have the power of attorney in hand and will send it here to the credit union tomorrow. They friggin better, I am losing my good nature, for real.

Barry and Madison had three babies weaned and Squeak's baby on the run when I arrived at the farm. She is so independent, she would not follow Squeak to the stall to get separated. Squeak is a saint, and I sure hope that this period of taking her baby from her does not scare her or cause her to go looking for her such that she gets hurt. We put her back in her safe pen and left baby inside--as of 30 minutes ago, Squeak was quiet. I am not convinced that she might be seeing some shadows, as she sure is able to find things better than a blind horse should be able to. I find that hard to believe.

Anyway, those little ungrateful brats are put up. When Barry went back to check on them a while ago, all was well. I made him fix the first stall gate because it is basically like a reinforced cage--that and the middle one have no climb fence floor to ceiling in the front. The bottom half of that wall is solid oak, and the side walls are 10 feet high solid oak. The back is only about four and a half feet, but on the other side of it is another stall. Since we wean babies in pairs, four babies means two stalls, so that one was made ready amid much mumbling about how Barry can never remember to bring home the drill from work, even though I call him every day to remind him. Anyway. I won, and they are all in reinforced stalls.

Well as dad would say, "The best laid plans...." While Barry was standing there doing something, he heard a ruckus and Disco was trying to crawl over the back wall. The only one not reinforced., mind you. She had her front legs over the wall. He put his hand on her to get her up and back and instead of that working, it somehow gave her enough power to launch herself again. This time she ended up with herself impaled over the wall and her hind legs off the ground. Her front legs were NOT directly behind the stall as they should have been, but she had taken a right turn and had them out of that rear stall altogether. That put them between a short stall wall and a deep freeze where we store feed. As he was picturing her breaking both of her front legs and getting ready to yank that freezer out of position, she somehow launched herself AGAIN, and this time she ended up on top of the deep freeze.

This story was getting ridiculous, unless you actually live here, and then you know that we cannot make this stuff up. He said she was not upset at all, but rather was enjoying her adventure. She got herself all wriggled down from the freezer and off she went at a trot to check things out.

And THAT is why there are a jillion gates around here.

And good thing, as she then went on a tear. He saw her enter the back barn--which is 120 feet long, and has sliding doors on either end. Or it did, until the great wind shears of 05 blew the back one off and now there is a gate there, which works really well for ventilation. What it does not work well for is a little baby running at Mach 5 in the dark looking for her mama--next thing he knew, Barry heard the bang. Yep, she hit the stupid gate. The same gate that Shiloh vaulted like an Olympian when she too went on a walkabout her first day of weaning. Nope, this one hit it. Bounced off.

Totally uninjured through all that drama. Unphased, unmarked, un-beat up in any way--according to Barry that is, who is not the most reliable of reporters but surely looked in this case. He ended up putting her back in stall #3, the one that was not suitable for weaning because it is not as reinforced. Evidently I delude myself on what is sufficient reinforcement for weaning despite all these years of doing it. He ended up practically boxing her silly butt in there, adding temporary walls with corral panels and plywood.

I cannot wait to see that contraption, it sure sounds high end, doesn't it?

All right, back to the laundry. I think the paperwork will have to wait again.


BITR Country Girl said...

Your babies have srpings in their feet? Silly babies! At least she's ok and contained.

Holly said...

"I am tricky like that, so unpredictable."

yes you are. unpredictable is right. Tricky...yep....

"she somehow launched herself AGAIN, and this time she ended up on top of the deep freeze."

ummm, are you planning on riding this little jumper?! By the time she's 2 and has more experience....think about how good she will be at this!

The Wife said...

Weaning is sooo much fun. I never knew calves could bounce of fence like they do. It's amazing the acrobats they accomplish.

Jodi said...

I believe only at the Strawns' will you ever see a weanling standing on top of a deep freeze! That is funny as hell.

BITRCountryGirl said...

How is the weaning going? I hope things calm down a little bit for the babies, you and BS.

P.S. I've moved...Losing e-mail addy I use to log in with. So I'm commenting from new home.

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