Monday, September 22, 2008

We are booked!

Yay me--I just pulled the trigger and bought our plane tickets to Fort Worth, for the NCHA futurity. Tickets dropped down to something approaching a reasonable cost--at least what passes for reasonable this year, I mean, so I just bought 'em.

We will be doing a quick trip through, since Barry is working this crazy job that will not really let him spend a lot of time out on his own, so we arrive on December 12th at 8 am, and leave on December 14th at 8 pm.

Who is going to join us?


Train Wreck said...

Good for you! How fun. Thanks for the comment on my page! She is a beauty, and she isn't being mean or nasty when she does the things she does." Pecker head!" LMAO!!! I have used the same saddle on her as when I bought her. She is a runner! She loves to run full out! I think she has so much energy she wants to just go! She was at a trainers for a full month. I think it is like Cindy Diane said "she just needs miles" I have the time. We will get it worked out.

Paige said...

You will get her lined out, I am sure--here is hoping that all your miles are forward or reverse, instead of up and down!

She kind of reminds me of teh Squirrel

The Wife said...

I just love Fort Worth. Bet you have an awesome time!

Paige said...

Me too, it is one of my favorite places--we go every year for the futurity, and we used to go several times a year, hauling broodmares to visit their men, etc. Now it is just easier and cheaper to ship for them.

I just wish we could stay longer--it is hard to pack in all the sales, the cutting, the shopping, the socializing etc in such a short time

Bekah said...

ooo ooo me!

i wish.

Jamie said...

I wanna go! Wish I actually could but no I must work to pay off my gas guzzling tank.

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