Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things clients say

This needs to be a staple of my blog--thus, henceforth, it shall be.

Today's offering comes from a pro se document filed by a killer. You get the best stuff from these kinds of filings, although attorneys can come pretty dang close.

He says "Had defense attorney effectively investigated, they just would have seen the Defendant was not some major drug dealer with golphers, and the Defendant had nothing to do with the individuals banging and kicking on the deceased's door."


Now I have to admit, I know a lot of drug dealers who are golfers, who probably have golfers on the payroll, etc--but never before have I seen it come up in an actual filed document.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...




Drug dealers with go-phers?
WTH?? But still an LMAO!!

Paige said...

It is amazing the thought processes I am witness to sometimes

Jamie said...

Random drug test on whoever wrote that document?

Paige said...

That would be a great start--wonder if the Department of Corrections drug tests ever? Seems like a good idea

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