Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tequila is in mourning

As expected, Tequila is the most impacted of all the animals by the loss of Thor. They were only together for a year or so, but they bonded quickly--they had a mutual crush on each other. They also played really hard all the time, so by the time we were home from work, they were ready to crash. Now not only is she sad, she is wound up. She just spent about 30 minutes flinging herself around in circles and pounding the floor like a herd of elephants----and this was after her first lay down.

As a distraction, Barry tried to take her to bed with him---she was afraid to even go in that room as that is where Simba sleeps. But she went and then sat in the bed on high alert.

Notice that goofy eye on the left, and her shorter ear---that is why she stays away from Simba. She is no fool--she just sometimes need a reminder. Also notice her beeyouteeful new collar that came last week--such a diva she is. At least from the right side where you cannot see her battle scars, that is.

Barry even gave her his special booby pillow--which I call the crocheted titties. Do not ask me where this absurd thing came from, but it lives here now. That simmered her down. She loves attention but does not always know how to handle it, like it overwhelms her. If you catch her right though, she will curl right up to you and you can tell that she is afraid to move in case it makes you leave. This new energy she has since she has lost her outlet (heck even the pig has been unable to play with her this week) is so out of character for her, we need to find something for her to do.
It seems like every day there is a new adjustment around here. I guess I am not the only one who is struggling to keep up


*Sarah* said...

this is both aw AND wow she is hugging a boobie

Anonymous said...

As I said before "Time heals all" and everyone -----man-beast and bird need time to make adjustments.

Tequila just needs a tad longer.


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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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