Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slater takes a nap

Slater and I had similar plans today--we were gonna rest.

He had a little nap while I did something else for a while, so he got started first.
Then we watched a movie and read a book for a while.

Then he took a nap while listening to the baseball game on TV, and I read another book.
It was a very restful day. I don't think he was awake more than 2 hours all day. Now we are watching Saturday Night Live, which is pretty cool considering that we are in the woods at Barry's bike race.

Two developments have been noticed about Slater this weekend, and both concern me greatly. On his chest, there is a lump of some sort--it is under the skin and appears to not be attached to anything substantive--so I pray it is a fatty tumor. The more worrisome thing is that on his last rib on his right side, he has a really large bony lump----and osteosarcoma is not at all foreign in Danes. Surely I am making much ado about nothing, but I am really worried and will have him at the vet bright and early Monday morning to set my mind at ease. Neither lump seems to bother him at all, and he certainly does not feel pain when you mess with them, and does not seem to be sick in anyway....pray there is nothing to either of these things.

We sure do not want or need any more veterinary issues, especially the kind that can be very serious.


Lorna said...

Slater sure looks like he is enjoying himself in your new digs.

The tv fits nicely too!

Glad you are getting a chance to enjoy the new trailer and read a few good books!

Holly said...

a very good way to spend your weekend. What books did you read?

Anonymous said...

There's that beautiful smile we all love. You and Slater look happy.
Love you too much,

*Sarah* said...

haha I love it. Sleepy days are good days.

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