Saturday, September 13, 2008

Barry's bike team

Today was the 12-hour race, which started at 9 am. Each rider would do a lap on the canal loop at Land Between the Lakes, in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, so it was sort of a relay race. They just kept going until 9 pm. Their last rider came in at 9:15 pm. They thought they were winning their class, but turns out another team sent out a rider at 8:59 pm, so that team will win, as they got in more laps than Barry's team. They probably just got back, as most laps take around 1:15

I meant to take some photos but it was so hot, and I slept and read and relaxed with Slater instead.
Here is his team, just after the last rider came in. Obviously, it is a co-ed team, with Kay, Shawn, Brant and Barry. Brant's wife was here with their two little girls today, and the third one she is due to foal at the end of October. His brother and his wife and 2 year old Haley are here too, as well as his sister, so it is a big crowd.

It sounds like they had fun.


Anonymous said...

Geez Paige-------you were in My Part of the Country- - - - -

You were only one hour from me --- and yesterday I didn't do much- - - -

worked on stuff for Lorna---hehehe

Maybe another time-----if you are in area---could buy you a drinka or cuppa! ! !

Have fun Carol

Holly said...

hope they had fun!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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