Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Reality TV teaches us lessons

Number one: Do not refer to yourself in the third person until you are very very very famous and we can forgive you for being a fruitcake.

This fool Suede just got kicked off of Project Runway, and thank God--it is way past time. Who does he think he is? Best thing he said all season was "Suede is going home". GOOD. I am sick of you calling yourself Suede. And for Pete's sake, did you name yourself that? Did your blue hair dye leak through to your brain and make you think that was cute? It is not. I hope someone tells you that so I do not have to write you a letter and 'splain it to you, you fool. And WHY do these fools think making their hair blue make them look edgy? Anyone can buy the blue hair dye-- it just ain't that original.

I still liked him better than that other idiot on there that is already kicked off--Blaine. He called everything something-icios. He called his dummy Girlicious. It made me crazy. He also said "Holla at your boy" all the time. To Tim Gunn. For real. Has no one ever told him that he is a little bitty white boy? You know he got his butt kicked everyday at school growing up--has he forgotten that already?

Why do I watch this stuff?

Ok,. gotta go--Top Design is on. There is probably another lesson in here that I must siphon through to present you---I am all about the public service people. I will put myself through 48 hours of reality TV a week just to boil these little gems down for you so that you can live your lives and rely on me to give you the bullet points.

Hold your applause.


Holly said...

snort. Now I know why I do not watch this .... stuff.

Lorna said...

I think Kenley should have gotten the boot - what a snotty bitch!!!

Mr "Fierce" man was cocky, but still respectful to Tim...

So, are you going to change the "paige-asters" to Paige-alliciouses"?? ha!

Paige said...

Yeah she is so arrogant, but I usually like her stuff---not so much today. I was surprised she did not get booted tonight

There will be nothing Paige-alicious up in here

A pox on you

Aubrey said...

**boo hoo**

Project Runway is on my DVR, ready for me to watch one I have my toddler in bed. I went to SITS real quick, clicked on you and WHAM! Spoiler. Oh well. I was sick of Suede too! LOL

Paige said...

Oh I am so sorry, I never even thought of that.


I was just so wound up with his dumb ass, I could not contain myself.

I shall repent and never do it again, I promise!

BITR Country Girl said...

Welcome to the SITSahood Paige!

the cubicle's backporch said...

Suede was definitely annoying. I missed the episode last night, but yay! It seems like this season, more of the designers are bitching about the judges and their models and whatever. Big babies!

Cecily R said...

Hahahaha! Lesson learned. Suede is a nutjob. Cecily will not fall into Suede's trap.

I wonder why I watch it all too, but man, its good stuff!!!

What's with Wisit on Top Design? Does that poor man ever NOT have a cold? And who named him???

Paige said...

Yeah Wisit is a trip, isnt he? I do not know why I do not want to kill him, but he is like a little pet or something. When he said last nite he was trying to access his "inner masculinity", even he could not keep a straight face. His teeth are very white and too little for his face, but he is a hoot

I was glad to see that hussy Shazia go--so arrogant, and not that good. I miss Big Daddy. That Nathan freak is arrogant too

And why does Andrea say EVERY single time--"I want to make a name for myself. I am married to Rick Schroeder". WE KNOW

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yayayayay!! Suede is gone!! Suede is an idiot!

I don't get Bravo-DAMN IT, but when I was in Colorado, I got to catch up on Project Runway. Both Chris and I laughed our asses off at Suede. Keep me posted on the rest of the season....Pleeeaaassseee.;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paige. I am so grateful to be spared reality tv. I did watch great american dog, but that was because a friend was on it.

She didn't win, even though she totally deserved to.

Liza Lundell

terri said...

It is your civic duty to watch these things and share your sharp-tongued wisdom with those of us who WISH they could assess the show as humorously and creatively as you just did!

In other words, "LOL!"

Heather said...

I'm totally with Lorna - Kenley is an annoying, snotty bitch. Humph. I am so over her!

Suede actually grew on Heather as the season progressed, even though Heather wasn't enamored of his blue fauxhawk and third person blather.

My early favorites were Jerrell and Leanne, but Korto has been growing on me, especially last night. She was cracking me up!

Oh, how I *heart* Project Runway! And the previews for next week looked AWESOME! All 4 designers crying on the runway? YEE-HA!!

Paige said...

Jerrell cracks me up too.

I think Kenleys things are cute but she is not versatile--I keep waiting for Tim Gunn to pop her slam in the mouth. And I laughed my ass off at LL Cool J looking at her outfit last nite--gracious, he is pretty.

I like Korto's things too--but do not know why there is an "r" in her name if we are not going to pronounce it.

LeeAnn is kind of boring to me

I too am very psyched for the crying next week!

Mrs Parks said...

I swear to Gawd I need Bravo rehab.
Top Design, Tabitha, Million Dollar Listing ...

Suede is SO dumb.

Paige said...

you are as bad as me, I want to just shake those stupid Million Dollar Listing boys--what a bunch of little brats. It is so absurd how seriously they take themselves--it cracks me up.

And Tabatha--I love when she really gets on a roll about how disgusting the people's salons are. Good thing she won't be at my house any time soon!

Camille said...

I was not happy that they didn't can Kenley. She is a turd. Makes me want to whup her ass for her.

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