Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall must really be here

I noticed it when I was at the farm this evening, but did not see how much the trees were changing until I downloaded these photos. I thought this was a cool shot, because even though my goal was to focus on Xan in the middle, to see if I could get bokeh on the one in front and the one in back (which clearly did not happen), the way they lined up a little off kilter came out sorta cool. I am bound and determined to take photos from different perspectives, and I guess today is butt day. Bear with me, if I was creative, I would not be a lawyer, people. Give a sister a break just for trying.

Gyro in the front is darkening up because her winter coat has started to come in, in her barrel area. Xan is mostly fattening up, but is getting darker as well. Diablo has not changed a bit, she always has the most beautiful coppery sheen to her coat. She and Gyro better be loving their babies as they are losing them on Tuesday--Gyro for sure is, and since Diablo's baby is dang near as big as she is, she is on the block too. I may get crazy and wean all four of the last babies at once.

Nita's coat must be coming in as she is black as night, except on her butt. Heck, I am just glad she has a butt since as you know, she did not have much going on at all a month ago. I just cannot get over it.

Look how pretty the tree line looks behind her-the contrast of her coat against the changing leaves is so pretty.

Looking at these pics of my girls would make you think I am a color breeder. I am so not. In fact, Xan and Nita are my only non-red mares of all of them, they just happen to be in the same field for no good reason( Xan is an interloper who will not leave as she knows the feed is flowing in the pasture and not in the one her fat ass should be in).

I hate it that the changing leaves means I really DO have to close my pool as I will not be getting back in it, but they sure are pretty.


BITR Country Girl said...

Your girls are looking good Paige! Rumor is that this winter is supposed to be WORSE than last winter and I thought that was bad! I don't know what it's supposed to be like in your neighborhood this weekend but here in WI it's supposed to be 80ish all weekend and I get to work!

Holly said...

I too like the photo colors. And I am glad your mare is doing better.

Holly said...

actually I very very much LIKE the one of the girls all in a line. And I like the fact that the last one goes off the picture. Good job.

Paige said...

It is supposed to be like that here too Jamie--which is just right for me. I am heading up to the Springfield area where it is a little cooler, but it should be nice.

I like fall, it makes me think of football games at U of I

Mrs Parks said...

Ahhh... The pool.
October 1st is our official date.
I love these photographs, you have an eye for equine and photography!

Enjoy the weekend!

Vodka Mom said...

these are so beautiful I can hardly stand it. I'll be RIGHT over after school. I'm SURE i remember how to ride a horse!!

Paige said...

Come on Vodka mom--it all comes back to you.

Kinda like sex

Or so I hear

The Wife said...

I really like the first pic. I'm into "artistic" views right now. The husband keeps asking "What's up with the eye pictures?" I told him I was trying to be creative. Which doesn't go very far.

Paige said...

I have been down that eyeball road myself, and I still can not get it right. Bet I have tried for 10 years.

That one just jumped out at me.

I do not have a creative bone in my body, but By God, I am trying!

Amanda said...

Love those horses' butts. Beautiful foto!


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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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