Saturday, September 6, 2008

A break from the norm

There are no horses, dogs, or Paige-asters in this story at all.

This whole day started with corndogs and funnel cakes. I love carnie food, it makes me sorry, but I do love it. It was my lucky day as it is Cedarhurst Craft Fair weekend--which Barry calls the Crap Fair. It is not every day you can get carnie food when it is not fair season. I do not even mind paying a cover charge to go in and buy it, that is how strongly I feel about corndogs---which did not last long enough to have its picture taken.
It is held at the Mitchell Musuem, which is a really nice museum in our town, but also offers beautiful grounds. I have no idea how many hundreds of acres it covers, but a lot. The museum is being expanded too, and I have not been in it since it got underway.
Anyway, the grounds include a sculpture garden, and a lot of the sculptures are made of recycled products.
I have always loved this gorilla-he is made of car bumpers. There is also a huge horse, but he was moved for construction and I could not find him today. We were supposed to have our wedding pictures with the horse, but it was way too hot so that got scrapped.
This wrench looks like it is covered in feathers, but it is really shredded tires.

Cedarhurst is not your regular craft fair. It is really high end stuff, and I cannot afford anything there. Except funnel cakes. Which I am now regretting. You see everyone you have ever known there too, so that makes it fun.
I have no idea what I would do with these water things, but I think they are neat. I would probably end up with a drowned varmint in one if I had them, like I do all the water troughs at the farm.
This is my favorite vendor, and the only place I ever buy anything. The lady that makes these soaps is someone I have always known, and the stuff is so amazing. She also evidently reads my blog and was all cracked up about the pig syphillis. It was odd to run into someone who mentioned actually reading it--I felt all Pioneer Woman for a second.
This lotion she makes is the absolutely best stuff ever. I usually get Milk & Honey flavor but this time I also got Bamboo.
And some fruity soaps, a blueberry/lemonade one, a tropical fusion....and something else I do not remember. Ah cucumber chamommile. They are so creamy, I cannot wait to break them open. See I am not 100% hillbilly, I like a good soap.
These are some wierd things you stick in the yard--they are baby dragonflies, they say. I never met a baby dragonfly, I guess, so what do I know. They were pretty colors though.
At the same place as the baby dragon flies are other things made out of old metal stuff, and it just cracks me up. I like this frog, even if I do not know what you are supposed to do with him.
This is a witch on a broomstick. That appeals to me for the obvious reasons.
Barry would pick this one of course, but I tell him that we cannot have things in our yard like this because people would assume that it was just some rusty old stuff. It is pretty cool.
The nicest part of the afternoon, after the eating, was the musical entertainment. It was Confederate Railroad, and they were so good. I love a lot of their music, especially the Daddy Never was a Cadillac Man song, which reminds Barry of his dad so kind of makes me cry. That they have been around so long is amazing to me, and because it was not advertised to speak of, there were less than 100 people there. We sat right in front, and it was like we had them all to ourselves. It was a truly wonderful show.

It was a nice day.


Holly said...

I loved the gorilla and the baby dragonflies. And the soaps, and the funnel cake. I love funnel cake. This is fair season here, we are working on the last one next week. Sigh. I did not go to a single one this year.

Paige said...

You better fit that in, as I am sure that without an annual funnel cake, you will perish

Amanda said...

I LOVE Cedarhurst!!! It's one of my favorite things in all the world. Every year that I can't go, I mourn it. Primarily the funnel cake, corn dog, lemon shake-up extravaganza, but other stuff too. Those people are crazy creative and I love seeing all the people-- which I know you hate. It really does take me hours to get through there.

Trinda's soaps are the best. You know she pays her wrappers and labelers in products. YOu ought to get in on that.

later, aa

Anonymous said...

Cedarhurst! ! ! ! How nice of you to share I place I can say, " I was there too". Went several years ago with DIL from Marion shortly after they moved down there and it was wonderful cause down HERE bazaars, etc are - - - - - -non-existant except for Reel Foot Lake.

Cedar does have unusual items, literally one of a kind and the grounds still look beautiful.

Did you get married there?

Enjoy Carol

Lorna said...

Sounds like a great, relaxing day. I also enjoy a real country craft show and all the different types of unique things you see - so different from the typical craft shows and I think I would have had to fight you for that funnel cake - My mouth instantly starting watering when I saw the picture!

Demolition Derby is this afternoon at the largest local county fair here - reminds me of my days in 4H at our county fair!

Jen @ J&J Acres said...

That art is really neat. I like the flowing-water pieces! And the baby dragonflies would be cool to have at our lakehouse.

And your mention of corndogs reminded me that I haven't had a good corndog in a very long time. That's very sad!

Train Wreck said...

Great photos! Thanks for stoppin by my blog and leaving a comment! I have Corel, It is somethng I have just played with untill I figure things out. It is alot of fun. Good Luck!

theCloth said...

Looks like you had a great time, the pictures reflex that.

I always like to see what artists can do with scrap metal and other junkyard material.

Bekah said...

its not even 8 AM yet the picture of the funnel cake made my stomach so not going to make it til 1230!

Jamie said...

I love the picture of the gorilla too! Confederate Railroad is one of my favs too!

Heidi said...

That looks like SO much fun! The funnel cake is the thing that made the post! I never got one at our fair this year! dang it! You had stopped over at my blog and I wanted to return the favor - I will be back!!!

Meg said...

Hi Paige! This looks like so much fun! I love doing things like this, especially with the cool Fall weather approaching. The dragonflies were my fav, I love dragonflies!

Thanks for the continued support, I just added you on twitter name is Punchy.


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