Thursday, August 7, 2008

What is in your head?

My oddball sister and I have been talking about what goes on in people's heads. We reached some conclusions about members of our family.

ME: A loud buzz, and a lot of banging around from carrying stacks of things and constantly dropping them because all the people would be constantly running into each other.

MANDY: People laying around being drowsy and dozing off. I think she has lines of people she has appointments with but she keeps being late to them, as she cannot get from one point to the other withotu seeing 50 other people she needs to talk to. Some of the people would be oversleeping

EDWARD: Blueprints and charts, and Excel spreadsheets, and one of those "Not responding" messages for when people get off the chart

BARRY: A bunch of lost stuff laying around in tall grass, by a creek in the mountains. Maybe some rainbows.

MOM: A world full of cul de sacs so she cannot get anywhere she was supposed to go.

DAD: A bunch of dead people and census info from the 1800s. And headstones etc--no live people, just dead people.

GABI: A lot of music, like some reggae, and dogs and bananas in both English and Spanish. Much dancing is going on, and button pushing to the music

So what is it that is in your head?


MicBel QH said...

an ache

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, surprisingly I agree with most of it. I'm afraid my head contains more than average blockades.
Love you,

Holly said...

news. I have newsprint in my head. and files of people and categories they fit into.

RunDrums said...

A bunch of people that talk to themselves, and they tell me what i should and shoud not be doing and will not shut up long enough so i can get some sleep ~ that's me :)

Paige said...

At least they are offering some guidance!

Jenna just told me that in her head is a bunch of boxes and she can focus on one box at a time, completely focus on it. When she is done, she checks the list on the wall to see what box to check on next.

She thinks there is pinging in my head.

In her sons head are some bubbles and then BAM, more bubbles, then BAM some more.

Paige said...

Now here is some news, an amendment to Mikes brain is in order--he says there is a lot floating around in there, to be available whne he is ready===and when he is done, it all filters down into atrash can (but I think the way he describes it, it is like a trash compactor), and once it is in there, it is out

If he is dealing with a something, and a new piece of info comes in, it is rejected--out of there as unwelcome

Is this a boy thing?

I am still trying to cogitate on BS real actions in there as opposed to what Mandy and I think

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