Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weaning nerves

Well we finally started. Yes I know that Echo is almost 5.5 months old, but it was too hot to do when I would have chosen to do it a few weeks ago. It is 77 degrees today which is insane for August in Illinois.

Madison and I weaned her and Gizmo today at 4:50. It is now 9:02 and I left the barn at 8:41 and all is still well.

Hotrod and Mel look AWESOME. Excellent weight, very fit, everything I could ask for in a broodmare. That pleases me as it is such a struggle to keep them fit and healthy (now Linda shut up, I know you think my "healthy" is fat), while not overloading them, and meanwhile dealing appropriately with another mare in the same pasture that needs a little more. I have a new plan, I am always tweaking, but I am too tired to think about it right this minute, plus I am watching the swimming.

Bottom line, I have two kind of startled but not too upset babies in a stall and two mamas standing at the back gate who are attentive but not acting out---

Please cross your fingers that things go as well as possible, weaning is so stressful for everyone. And Thank God once again that I had Madison to help, as she is absolutely indispensable. With Barry on the road, she is a Godsend.


Lazy A Ranch said...

Sounds like it is going good.

Holly said...

Gotta love a kid who helps as much as she does!

Anonymous said...

As Mac Arthur said," I will return" and here I am! ! !

Those "kids" will feel grown up shortly and it will all be fine.

But what do I know----

Enjoy Carol

MicBel QH said...

I'm not weaning Rain till she's 6 months old so don't feel too bad about letting one go over 5 months. Glad it seems to be going good, hope it continues!

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