Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unsettled. Restless. Blah

I have been scanning lots of other blogs and this has led me to be very irritated, or bothered, or disgusted with the lack of creativity in my format, etc.

I want to make a prettier layout, with a neat background.

And a new name for this blog--as this is boring and not really reflective of what goes on here.

Here is the problem

I am creativity challenged.

I am dumb, and do not know how.

I am sad about all of these things.

Oh woe is me


Jamie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog this morning. Feel free to stop back anytime. I feel for you I really do....I have been having the same problem only I'm frustrated by the lack of feedback.

If you want some help with putting a new template on your blog I'm more than happy to help. Just drop me a line. A good place to find some really nice templates is I'm pretty sure it even walks you through the process of changing your template on the webpage. But first save all of your links and widget codes into a wordprocessing document or you'll lose them when you change your background.

BITR Country Girl

Paige said...

Thanks Jamie, I found some okay ones, so I guess I will just play for a while to see what I like.

Now to figure out a more interesting name for this place

Jamik said...

I have the name...

remember the guy up North of me who has a beufiful, professional sign out in front of his crop farm... all landscaped and pretty and the sign says "Malfunction Junction". There you go. :-)

Holly said...

here is a good place to pick colors:

I will have to work on names though.

Jamie said...

Love the new background and the new name!

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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