Monday, August 4, 2008

Ugh Mondays

Even Bocephus is anti-mornings, especially Monday mornings---look a that big ol yawn. I know how you feel baby pig, I know how you feel!~ It is hard to be foul, even in the early morning when you have that sweet piggy resting in the yard just waiting for you to come out and play with him.

This is Boce pig laughing at me for taking his picture AGAIN. Look how happy he looks cuddled up in his Pigloo.

Today, many things have happened, but one was a meeting with a potential cleaning lady, that occurred over my lunch hour. I always warn the potentials about the dogs, as that would sure be a deal breaker for most people--and this one was very excited to meet them. Score one for her.

When I arrived to meet her, she was already there and waiting in her car. When she got out, she said I had not told her about the pig.

Well she had me there, I had not. But since he is not in the house, I did not really think about it. I told her that a pig is a hell of a thing to spring on a person, and I try not to scare them too much with our first meeting---and really, would she tell everyone she has a pig?

I mean, really. Who DOES that?

On a good note---she was not frightened enough to not take the job--it will be a rough few weeks getting her caught up in the house, but then we will likely have her every two weeks instead of every week like I used to have---I can work with that and most importantly, I hope to not go broke doing it that way.

I figure anyone that did not point out how messed up Tequila is, is worth giving a shot--not everyone can overlook such obvious defects like that dog has! And at least she stayed after finding out about the pig


Lazy A Ranch said...

I was ROTFLMAO, he is so funny.

Paige said...

For some reason, Boce resting anywhere cracks me up--he is just a big pile of pig when he is laid down.

Resting in the pigloo is pretty funny, I have no idea why.

But the yawning! It kills me every single time, I laugh just looking at these pics!

Anonymous said...

I hope the pigloo is "cool" like an igloo! ! !

Boce looks absolutely happy as a clam.

Are there clamloos?

Enjoy Carol

Holly said...

whadda guy. Your cleaning lady will fall in love with him as soon as she gets to know him. He is a very sweet piggie.

Paige said...

If I had a clam that needed a house, I suspect there would then be Clam-loos too!

*Sarah* said...

haha he looks so cute in the first picture there, like he is laughing or something

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