Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday check in

Today is usually the day I check in with Ryan to see how my horse is doing, but there are not any there! he is out for a while to go to the Tradition, so I am holding the next horse back until his return.

I do not really have a lot to say --or so I think, I guess. I always have a lot to say.

I have been ordering stuff off the ebay like a crazy person lately. It should start coming soon. I LOVE crazy colored saddle pads, so I am blaming it on Twist that I have ordered a few. And a sidepull for Boogie, which reminds me I have to tell Ryan something about the sidepull he lent me. Uh oh. I ordered Tequila a bee-yoo-teful crystal collar like her sister Simba's but turqoise instead of hot pink. Simba got hers for Xmas two or three years ago from Akers Ranch on Ebay and it has not even lost one crystal. Very nice-I love that seller.

Last nite, mom came to ride Twister, which was planned before I got the come to Jesus about manning up--so she rode him some, then I rode, then she rode, then I rode. She wore BS's spurs and of course, that makes Twist a new man. He was awesome for her. When I rode, I must have accidentally wacked him with the spur so it was hard to keep him at a trot--he would lope. Troy said that was ok, but by God, I did not mean to tell him to do that or to go where he went. We had a little spat about it involving backing all over town, spinning him in circles etc. But I took the spurs off, because they were making me a nervous wreck. I do not get it, because he is one dead sided dude, and I am not even sure that I hit him with it, but I sure might have since when I trot, I hold on so tight with my legs, and since they are so short, I end up with my feet curled on up him. Who knows?

Mom rode again, without spurs and had to wack him with the end of the rein alot. Mom is used to riding one handed, and we always ride with two hands, so I was trying to get her to do that. She did it, but it really looked goofy, and she got tangled up in the long reins though. But the important thing is that she did it and he listened to her pretty good. She had to get off and change clothes and go to bridge, so I got back on and played a little, but mostly we just walked around and down the long driveway, using trees and other things as an obstacle course. No, we did not probably accomplish a lot with that, but I am trying to remember this is fun, cuz that is what it is supposed to be. And it was, I enjoyed just relaxing.

I was waiting for Barry to get back from his run so he could see us, but he just kept running and running and running and I finally gave up--turns out he ran almost 4 miles instead of a normal person's evening run. I had seen him go past the driveway once, but I guess the first half was faster than the second half. Twist and I must have looked so stupid to the passing traffic standing there like a sentry waiting for out man to come home. Good Lord.

I think a good thing will be to ride places he is not familiar with so he will not have a preconceived notion about where he wants to go and where he does not. And there is an arena at the campground this weekend, so we can work in there too.

So that got over, and we went to the farm. Since Barry was not supposed to be home yet, it was a nice surprise to be able to show him how much better the Boog is doing with the saddling and unsaddling. He stood tied about 90 minutes, with only one tussle with himself that was over before we got there to see him. He also endured the aerosol fly spray better than anticipated.

Now here it is Thursday, and tonight, we do that all again, plus Barry has to get on Boogie and Target in preparation for making the final cut for the weekend. I am still up in the air about Boog, although I am leaning closer to yes on taking him----he is slowly but surely decompressing and maybe will do well there. Plus, it is going to be 91 degrees and we are running out of warm days up in here, which means I am getting in the pool after work so I will not be starting the other things until at least 6 pm. The trailer has to be cleaned and prepared to go tomorrow right after work, as we have to get to Marion to go to McKinney's before closing time to pick up some odds and ends that we need, and hunt a little saddle for Carrie. And I have to go to the store to get some chili makings and start that tonight, so it will be ready for the weekend.

So much, all of a sudden, and I thought I did not have that much to do!

At least the laundry is done. And the cleaning lady comes today which is swell.


Lorna said...

Yay - for you, your Mom and Twist. sounds like things are moving in the right direction at least.

Holly said...

sounds like things are improving.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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