Sunday, August 3, 2008

Slater at his most goofy

I started out trying to get a good picture of Slater, because Jenna was just commenting on how handsome he is--and I feel like unless you know him, you do not know that. So I tried to get a good shot. The only one that is not him being a HUGE doofus is this one. And the only reason he is not a doofus in this shot is because you cannot see his face.
Here he is pretending to be a reining horse--see him crossing over there? He is not using his butt right though, and that is going to cost him on the score card.
I have no idea what he is doing here. Not sitting, like I distinctly recall telling him to do so I could take a good picture of him.
This is him in almost complete collapse after he put on one of his doofus shows.
This is him running toward me--God forbid I be in the yard with him and he not be right on top of me---pretty face huh?
This would have been decent, had he picked his ear up---and I swear he is raising his eyebrow at me. Even my animals have attitudes, evidently.
Same picture that I accidently loaded twice but Blogger wont let me delete it.
This is Slater playing in his swimming pool--and yes, I know it is green. Before I broke the mower again, I mowed grass in it and it turned green---he really loves his swimming pool
What do you think he is doing here? Trying to empty it so he can get non-green water?
This is him actually putting his head under water--and then when he brought it to me, I realized he smelled like rot and had to have a bath. That came later
This is almost a picture of Slater's patented head roll---he starts his lay down by putting his head down first. I do not know why, but he is pretty consistent about it.
He sure loves to put his weiner in the air--it is always in the air--he even sleeps like this. And watches TV, propped up next to the recliner-
Now he wants to know if he did good for his pictures---

No Slate you did not, but you still make me laugh.


Holly said...

that boy is immmpressive! First of all by size alone, he catches your attention. But next you notice how handsome he is and then the sweetness that drips from him.

I love me some Slater!

Good job on the photos

Lazy A Ranch said...

He is such a clown, he reminds me of Rojo so much. He is very pretty also.

*Sarah* said...

Aw I love him he's so cute :) Also he makes the funniest damn faces.

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