Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shiloh shows her moves

Shiloh is a beautiful mover, such an even but powerful lope, and she handles herself so well. I think she gets that from her daddy, although her mother is no slouch in that department either.

She certainly takes after her mother in that I cannot get a civilized photo of her. Some of them are just that way--impossible to really catch the right way to show her accurately. For some reason, it is usually my prettier ones that are that way. Story of my life.
She is always throwing a silly act in there to keep things interesting. My favorite thing about this photo though is not Shiloh acting a squirrel--it is the background--see Grandpa back there? That is his version of a lope these days. He is a little rusty on that, but he is doing it and that was the sign I was looking for from him.
She finally slowed down--now if she had stood out in the open where I could have gotten a decent background, I might have had a not half bad shot. It is time to start thinking about registration pics and I thought I had one here, but she is hiding her white foot.

Guess I will have to do it again!


Jamie said...

Oh she's a beautiful baby! How old is she?

Lazy A Ranch said...

She is really growing up and so pretty.

Paige said...

She was born April 20 I think---three days early is what I remember, so somewhere between 17-20th.

She is a pretty girl, isn't she? They all are, we have the pretty baby factory, but this one is special

Holly said...

I DID notice Grampa in the background. He does love him some babies.

As I was looking at her zooming around, I was remembering her when she was such a tiny baby, how happy you were when she was born and how pretty she has become.

Robin Sallie said...

Shiloh is a beauty!

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