Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics are killing me

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I am so worn out it is like I am doing them myself. But I would not miss a minute of it for anything--at least not the sports I love.

Last nite was the women's gymnastics all around, my absolutely favorite event. As much as we fell apart during team competition, the two US entries, Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson were incredible. The first few events, I really was worried, as their scores were nowhere near as high as they should have been--they did good solid routines, but consistently, their scores were 2/10 of a point lower than they should have been.

If anything, it just made them better. Nastia took over in the third rotation, but it took until the final floor routine for Shawn to pull into the silver medal position. That is what I love about her--she does not make big errors but when the pressure is on, she is so solid, it is a joy to wath and know she is going to pull it off. She also seems to really enjoy herself, smiling as she works, and when her routines are over, she just beams. It is supposed to be fun, but quite often that gets lost in it- but not for her.
It was a beautiful thing
I have to admit I was pulling for Shawn because she is just so precious, and such a good egg but when Nastia won, it was perfect--that child was born because of gymnastics with both parents being world champions (her mother was a rhythmic gymnast), and her father an Olympic gold medalist, and now her coach--that is like poetry. To see them celebrate together was pretty special.
But boy do I need a nap!


*Sarah* said...

Wasn't it marvelous????!!!!! I stayed up till about 2:30 watching them. I was also pulling for Shawn just slightly because she is just so cute and has won everything else (except one) up to this point at world's and the like. But that same fact made it great that Nastia won. Weren't the judges on crack at the beginning or what????

She made me cry when she won, I love watching that! So exciting. Because gymnastics is their LIFE. It's so amazing to watch.

I know what you mean by it's practically you doing the damn routine, I am the same way, I get so worked up and nervous. It's ridiculous really. But I love it so. Also Phelps last night, but that's no surprise. Did you see that bit on his anatomy and his "feet might as well be flippers" stuff? Very interesting. How crazy is it that he happens to have this perfect swimming body AND have the drive and means to work it? Craziness!

Holly said...

I watched last night too, it was a good solid routine. Shawn and Nastia were both very good, built waayyyy different from each other which I found interesting. I also got the idea that Nastia was really feeling the pressure, but that Shawn felt it less. There was a lot riding on their performances.

I was impressed with both young ladies. They represented us well.

I wasn't nervous, you two are silly.

Paige said...

Love it love it love it when things go this well.

Maybe I am addicted to it because I did gymnastics, and diving, but mostly swimming, for years and years and years---we all wanted to be in the Olympics.

My hero as a kid was Nadia and it is still awesome to see her or Mary Lou on TV, it makes me feel like a little kid again

*Sarah* said...

Yeah, seeing Mary Lou give Shawn the nod was great! Must feel so amazing to her.

Anonymous said...

Not sure to make you laugh ! ! !( as above) but make you smile- - -

There are no words left to describe Shawn and Nastia. Oh forgot---awesome! ! !

We couldn't hold out for the finals that night, but saw the reruns last night and OMGosh----two entirely DIFFERENT girls competing with beauty and grace.

Shawn, the little one filled with energy, explosiveness and Nastia filled with grace and beauty with those long long legs.

And at the end----friends even more ---sharing, comforting, and winning----FIRST TIME 1 and 2 for US.

Enjoy Carol

Lazy A Ranch said...

I am dying from lack of sleep, oh well it is only every 4 years, so I fully enjoy it while it is on Tv.

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