Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am about to do something I never do.

I am going to talk good about my husband. He knows I love him, and he puts up with an inordinate amount of shit talking and general drudgery being with me, and I almost never talk him up.

But I am today.

Everything I have done today has fallen to shit. I tried to help bushhog, and first the pin on the PTO blew off and realigned things so that I could not fix it myself. He had to come do it. Then I bushhogged for I swear to you, less than 10 minutes, and the belt on the tractor blew. He had mentioned that it was only hanging on by a thread. had to be when I was on it.

So I came home, told him it was jacked up and that all mowing would henceforth cease until this was addressed.

My dad had left his mower here because I am hopelessly behind, as my mower had--get this, you will laugh--shredded the drive belt and committed suicide near the road (which was picked up by the dealer today who will charge me the inevitable $300 and bring it back some other day). I commenced to mow, for three seconds, and had to get off to go get the rafts and toys that blew away in the wind, which of course made it die. THEN, I could not make it go at all. I could not even turn the stupid thing on---for real, I could not work a cub cadet. For real.

So I had to come in the house, hunt Barry down in the shower and admit this foolishness. He came out to get it started ("push the brake stupid"), and he went to the farm to determine what should be done about the tractor--go get a new belt that they probably would not have and he would not know how to put on, or swap the bushhog over to the big tractor which he will then have to tell me how to run. It has its own bushhog, but the guts fell out earlier this summer and we have not had time to deal with it.

As he left, I mowed two small squares, and I swear to you, the belt of the new mower shot right out the front! It was so absurd, I called Barry to tell him what happened, and he was en route to the store to get a new belt for the tractor.

I gave up and came in.

He just got home, and had actually fixed the tractor, mowed with it and then came and put the belt back on the mower in the dark in the driveway.

I almost did not have the heart to tell him he has to clean up the piles of junk in the bedroom so the new cleaning lady can clean tomorrow. I already did the living room and kitchen.

I am worn out and all I did was break things and blog about it


Holly said...

you sure do have trouble with mowers sister.

you need a full time handy man!

Anonymous said...

There is a time and place for everything and now is the time to BAB------Brag About Barry

and the other is M & M

Mean and mowers

and aren't us girls Nuts? ? Clean the house before the cleaning lady comes! ! ! !

Geez Louise
Enjoy as it will get better.

Amanda said...

YOu are cursed! Although I think it was passed down from Dad, who can break anything in record time. Or take it apart never to be assembled again. It's a good thing that you can see and your fingers aren't too big-- you'd really be in a mess.

Bless Barry's heart. He is a sweet, sweet boy.

Paige said...

I know it is passed down from him-- along with the short legs and orphan annie hair, I got this gene. What the hell? Although I have noticed that my fingers are very short. This concerns me

He mowed for me last nite and in 15 minutes had destroyed two extension cords and wrapped the backwash hose from the pool around a tire so that it was destroyed. He bought me a new extension cord which was very expensive and I almost cried.

Evidently I got the inappropriate reactions gene from him too

How did you get off so easy?

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Barry deserves a little credit every now and then.
Dezy is beautiful.
Love you,

Lazy A Ranch said...

Yeah Barry! can he come and rub shoulders with Dave now? Pretty please...

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