Wednesday, August 6, 2008

High Brow Desperado

The current owners of Diablo's oldest son sent me a photo to put on my blog. This is the 4 year old that is now being shown in NRCHA events. They call him Dezy

I am so proud of him, and glad to see that pretty face of his.


OneCowgirl said...

what a great looking horse!

Lorna said...

He's stunning - congrats to you and to them for prmoting and doing so well with him!

theCloth said...

Good looking horse.

Holly said...

I love the soft look on his face. Very trusting, very kind. He's beautiful Paige.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Can't wait to hear how he does showing. Who is his dam bred to this year?

Paige said...

She is bred to Highlight Cat--for our first High Brow Cat offpring (of a sort). Then again, I guess that is not so unique, since it was HBCs sire that made this one.


Heppner Ranch said...

Hello to all out there. Glad you like our horse. He is a very gentle boy. He is currently avaible for breeding and he is being shown!!! Let us know if any of you all are interested!

heppner ranch family.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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