Saturday, August 9, 2008

Medical issue of the day

I swear, sometimes it seems like there is a new one every dang day. Yesterday's issue is the appearance of freak bumps all over the side of Fuzzy.
Aren't these pretty? She only has them on one side, and there are more of them on the upper part of her body, and the numbers decrease as you get closer to her belly. There may be a few on the other side, but nothing like this.

I assume she rolled in something but who knows what it was. She was having no part of letting me hose her down to give her some relief, so to heck with her, let her itch and be bumpy and ugly. See if I care.


Funder said...

My Silky did that last year. I still don't have a clue how she managed it - in a dry lot with two others, eating the same food, no green plants to roll in, no unusual swarms of insects. I freaked out and wondered if she was going to die, but the next day she was back to normal.

Paige said...

Horses can hurt themselves anywhere can't they? Lucky had something similar earlier this year.

Fuzzy is in a pasure about 15 acres with 12 horses or so----we have been bushhogging it all week, so we may have stirred up something.

Who knows?

She was not scratching at it, so that is good I guess.

I will keep an eye on her for sure

Lazy A Ranch said...

Looks like ant bites, we have had them here bad. You probably mowed some ant hills and scattered them all around.

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