Sunday, August 10, 2008

A happy face

I guess I am over the WalMart mad for the time being--seeing Thor making a happy face instead of his "oh woe is me, life is so hard for me" face that he is usually making changed my mood.

Considering I am watching the Olympics for 18 hours a day, I have actually gotten a lot done today-- I did all of Barry's 8 kajillion loads of laundry to get him ready to roll out this week, I mowed what was left of the yard with dad's mower and re-did the part that was started earlier in the week before all the mowers blew up, watched some more Olympics, went to the farm to take pics of babies--more on that later-- and bushhogged the middle pasture for an hour. Man do I love to bushhog. However, this perpetual bushhogging is getting out of control.

And the big news is that Barry is weedeating til he is blind. He has done fence lines, around buildings and we have a very strange situation here with grass growing in the barn, which has not been addressed. This means I have to Roundup everything tomorrow, now that I know this stuff works so well.

Now I am home again--bet you could tell that huh? I had to get here for the 6pm start of more Olympics coverage--I just watched women's synchronized diving. I do not know where I stand on that matter, and I dove when I was a kid so for some reason I must think it makes a damn to anyone what I think about it. It is an odd sport, the synchronized diving...the actual dive difficulty is not high, which seems wierd to me for some reason. Not as wierd as badminton as an Olympic sport, mind you, but odd all the same. I am glad I saw the synchronized diving in any event, as turns out Kelci Bryant, one of the US girls, is from Chatham, which is probably 15 minutes from where Barry grew up. Who knew?

Next up is women's gymnastics, and then more of my man Michael Phelps---this is the best day!


Paige said...

Hey look Mandy I spelled weird wrong two times in this one.

I was going to fix it, but I wanted to be sure you saw it first

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