Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fonzie gets back to work

This poor sucker acted almost envious of the attention Sly and Twist were getting this evening and offered himself right up. I am not at all sure that has ever happened in the three years we have owned him.
Is he just the cutest thing you have ever seen?
So handsome.
Since he offered it up, it seemed a good time for Madison to put her money where her mouth is--or her butt on the back, as it were. She has been talking about wanting to ride the Fonz---so I put her to it tonight.
First he walked off as she started to mount. I knew this would be a comedy. He is broke, but has not really been ridden since we got him.
After a few minutes though it all came back to him. He really seemed to have a good time.
Madison was hysterical to watch, she has not ridden bareback hardly at all in her life, but it was too much trouble to dig up stuff to put on him. I know where the saddle is--no idea where the girth is, no idea where a little bit is---too much trouble. Besides, this worked, and it was fun to watch her waller all over until she got comfy.
He was a game little bugger--turned nicely and once he realized she meant business, he quit trying to take her in the barn where he knew everyone else was having dinner.
They reached a pretty good agreement, and got along pretty well
I guess we have our new jockey to get him ready to be lead around for Sam and Gabi.
They both had a good time, I think.
Look at that serious expression on her face!

It was really fun. A nice way to salvage the night after my tractor brakes locked up on me


Holly said...

goodness he is cute

Lorna said...

What a cute pair! He will be perfect for Sam! Madison can tune him up and have him all ready -

She looks like a natural!

Jamik said...

That may be the most handsome pony on the face of the earth. So cute!

Anonymous said...

They are a "pair"! !

Can't wait till the Sam and Gabi time with Fonzie.

Almost cuddly

Enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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