Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big doings at the farm

Three developments tonight--Madison is out of commission for a few days, as she had some sort of incident at school that has left her maimed and in a sling. I got this second hand, so I have no idea what really happened.

I knew something was up as I stopped by and she was not there. I went ahead and fed and tried to figure out what the ruckus was along the Great Wall of Lynchburg fence line. I never did figure it out but there was a lot going on there. A truck was parked on the farm road, there was a truck and trailer with a tractor on it in the road, and several four wheelers buzzing.

It was very strange, but I guess these people thought I had no reason to know what was going on as no one came to tell me.

Barry just got home from there and he got the scoop. The owner of the land all around us has leased the property out to an Outfitter group for hunters. As you can imagine, I think that blows, as it skeers me to have all that shooting going on. Bow hunting does not concern me, since it is virtually impossible to accidentally hit a horse instead of a deer. Last year, there was a group of 3 men who had hunting options there, but they came over and introduced themselves, we talked about fences and gates etc and I really did not worry. This however is a whole other deal. This is a commercial operation actively marketing hunting permits.

I know it is his land and he can do what he wants...but there is just so much room for an accident. The owner of the Outfitter wants us off the land by the end of September until hunting season is over, to give the deer time to calm down. We do not usually go back there but I like having the option, as it is several hundred acres of land to ride on, bluffs and big creeks, etc. They also have leased the property behind Madison's house, another several hundred acres that is fun to ride on. Prior to this, we have had the right to ride any of it when ever we wanted to. Now we don't, at least for the best riding time of the year--the fall.

And that just blows. I guess I better remember this in the future--do not put things off, you may not have the option again.

And the most interesting thing is this--also having to do with what we call "the back of the farm". Some unfortunate farmer has lost not one, but TWO bulls. They are thought to be back there somewhere, and that is what all the four wheelers are about--there is a search team out there. Barry wanted to go, but the Gator is down--I suggested a horse, and he says his back still hurts too much-big pansy. I would have gone to play had I known what was going on

Sure hope they find them soon---


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Paige! Thanks for popping in at my blog, and commenting. Should the rains get here, I'll be happy to share and try to get them to reach you too! ;)

Nice looking bunch of horses you have there. I can TOTALLY empathize with you on having a Seasoned Citizen horse as well. Every time my old Appy would lay down, I would panic too. But, he made it to the ripe old age of 40!

Looking forward to reading hrere more often! Love to see what possible solution you come up with to handle the Dr office calls

Lorna said...

Man, that just sucks that they are actively marketing permits... Is this the same owner of the land? Hoping those hunters mind their manners and stay on THEIR side of the fence (both physical and metallurgical) -

Anonymous said...

Darn! I don't mind hunting by accepted individual guys on certain days, but a whole bunch- - - -who are eager, excited, and the list goes on.

Be careful Carol

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