Saturday, July 26, 2008

The trotting assignment

Now here is something that I have learned in my class. Evidently, according to the instructor, no one wants to see a horse doing anything but trotting.

Isn't that interesting? I think they look pretty dang awkward trotting. Especially pleasure horses, which is what I think she is talking about, but since I do not hang out with many pleasure horses, this just does not hold much interest for me.

If I were interested, which I am not like I said, I would have learned that even in taking a trotting picture, you have to take them all the same, all the time. You are supposed to take the shot just as the far front leg is extended at its furthest point.

well woo hoo--isnt that about as fun as a barrel of monkeys?

I am nothing if not responsible though (and those of you who disagree like my parents and people who I cancel plans on sometimes are more than welcome to keep contrary thoughts to themselves), so I took the damn pictures. It is true that counting the hoofbeats will help you get the shot taken when you want to. If you wanted to. Which I may have mentioned that I do not want to. But I did, as that is the right thing to do.

But first, I took ones I wanted to take. So there. There is little redeeming about this shot at all, but I like it anyway as it shows Radar's front and how he is really filling out.
The teacher preaches all the time about never taking a photo of a horse going downhill. In this case, the horse was actually GOING DOWNHILL. As in going down a hill. Cuz that is just how it is here at Onn-A-Wym Farms---sometimes the hills actually go down hill and if that is where you are riding, then that is what will happen to the pics. God forgive me.
Now this is just a funny picture, as it represents perhaps the first real fit Radar has thrown in his life. He has just very recently developed a hard-on for his friend Hawkeye who was yelling his fool head off in the barn--Radar wanted to go back to him, so when Barry interfered with that, Radar pitched this little bitch. It was actually kind of cute. It also got Radar put right on the agenda for a couple of workouts a week by himself. That'll learn him.
All right, so finally I get to the pics I was supposed to take--trotting with the far leg extended. I am sure I will get a lecture about the fence, but you know what that fence does? That thing follows the lay of the land, so it not only goes uphill a hair like it does here, it also goes DOWNHILL. It should be ashamed.
So I did it. But I do not have to be happy about having gotten the point--count the strides and do not show anyone the pics you took that have the off leg in the wrong place, or no one will be your friend and you will have your camera taken away


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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