Saturday, July 26, 2008

My kind of pictures

After I talked bad about Radar, I thought I better show a photo of him that I really like, partly because it shows his normally calm, docile and wise expression--it is kind of a peaceful picture. Considering that he and Barry argued most of their ride, then I pitched over like a humpty dumpty just as he was getting lined out, I was glad to see this in my downloads. Sometimes looking at the whole string of photos puts things into perspective and this reminds me of who Radar really is, something I needed to see knowing how frustrating his morning adventure was.

I like stuff like this-- a little different angle, not the prescribed shots we are supposed to take and supposed to like.

I swear to you that Radar inherited his daddy's camera sense and will hear the camera click from thirty paces---so he quite often botches a shot by moving his ears.

Anyway, this is almost what I like.

Had he not screwed it up.

This is pretty cool--we are supposed to be doing detail shots in class this week, so I am thinking about them. This ain't one. Too much stuff, not enough detail.

I cropped it down some to make it qualify for a detail shot, but it does not quite get me wound up.

I so wish I was creative like the other people in my class, and like Holly who always comes up with neat detail shots---anyone have any ideas of what I might could do to get me out of my rut? I feel like I am doing the same thing all the time, and I am even boring myself.


Anonymous said...

Detail picture ideas: of course from a far out dummy.

You talk about fences------how about a REAL REAL close up of one of the posts showing the wood weathered, shades of the wood in the various sun or cloudy scenes.

do you have a shell from one of your scuba trips-------Zero in on it showing the "ripples of growth" I think

or does your subject have to be moving?

Boce's face and eyes or one of the dogs.

? ? ? ? ? but enjoy anyhow Carol

Meg said...

Hi Paige! Thanks so much for stopping by my place and welcome to my circle! GREAT blog you have here and I love, love, love your pictures! I can already tell I will have to come here for my "daily" drool!

Hugs and blessings from the Hill Country of Texas!

theCloth said...

Give yourself more credit. I really like the third shot down. Over the years I've noted that "creative" means either something never seen before or something seen before. That is, someone will take a picture never seen before and everybody will call it very creative. After that, someone will take a picture which looks like the above and everyone will call it creative. There are few truly creative photographers. Most mimic the few.

Paige said...

The wood posts are a good idea, God knows we have some that are almost 100 years old here.

I will try that one!


Holly said...

equipment shots, spur shots, corner of the eye shots, crop out part of his mane while it is standing up (remember the one of Xenia with her eyes closed?), if you are at the barn during a rain, check for drops of water hitting a trough or dust kicked up by Mad riding one of your horses. Detail shots of wagon wheels, stirrup leathers (especially if carved), silver horn caps, look for shadows that make interesting areas of light and dark.

Hands are interesting, look at the keys picture of Court getting her new car or Laurie doing up Sarahs hair at the horse show.

remember the water drop on the tulip?

I love the angle shot. Those are always interesting for me, one of my favs of my mare is the "going past me" shot of John driving her.

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