Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday at the Strawns

One of Slater's favorite things in the world is swimming--he loves to swim, especially in swimming pools. He once jumped right on top of me in a hotel swimming pool. He has always had his own pool to play in, in the back yard, but two years ago at the end of the season, I tore it up with the lawn mower. Last year, we could not find any and everywhere we looked this year, they were sold out. Until Sunday--which was perfect since it was 105 with the heat index.
He did do a funny thing though, he pawed at the water like a horse does before he goes down. That is a very strange dog.
Simba thinks it is just a big water bowl. She will get in it, but Slater will normally come barrelling across the yard and shove her out, so she is not in it that often. She is nobody's fool.
She figured out that laying by it was best---we did put it in the shade this year, hoping it will keep it cleaner. It felt GREAT yesterday, but was already hot today, so I guess I will have to empty it every day or so and refill it, when it is this hot.
Tequila has not noticed that she got a swimming pool too-- I will have to explain it to her, I think. It is interesting to see the things she is familiar with and those she is not--she totally gets sleeping in the bed, it is her favorite thing. When we first got Thor, he did not understand about toys-- and he was two years old! So sad, I think. I am sure she will come around on the pool as will the pig, who I really want to catch in there for a picture. I do not think he has checked it out yet either.
After all that work, and mowing the yard (and yes it was so bad that Barry had to take the tractor to the backyard and bushhog it for pete's sake), it was too dang hot to do anything but get in the pool. I figured the rest of the day was a total loss and took my book and phone and settled in for the day. When Barry joined me, this is how he brought the beer--in my stock pot for pete's sake. I cannot tell you how many coolers we own, how many buckets (pool chemical buckets do pretty good for toting ice)--and he brings it out in a pot.



Lorna said...

Bailey, our Goldendoodle LOVES the pool too - her favorite thing is to put her entire head under water..

And geez, girl! Be thankful he BROUGHT the beer ON ice! LOL!

Holly said...

isn't it sad that some dogs are never introduced to the fun things in life? I often think Dash how much Dash missed before he came here.

Amy B said...

Looks like a fine pot for beer gettin' and holdin' it!

*Sarah* said...

haha that is so cute how he loves swimming! Meggie loves swimming in lakes. Last week I took her to a friend's pool and she wasn't all into that because she couldn't get in and out very easily but she tolerated it hehe.

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