Friday, July 18, 2008

Pak O Kats

Look what I have! I knew these little dudes were born at the farm--they were teeny tiny, and I worried about them since mom is a gimp and too young for babies. When I got back from my trip, she had moved them but as usual, the Cat Wrangler Madison knew where they were.
This mama loves her babies, it is so nice to see what a good mama she is.
She really is kind of pretty although she does not look so nice right here.

Ever notice how cats hang out in the strangest places? Here they are near the defunct air conditioner unit that used to cool the meth trailer. There is a lot of wood stacked there that they play on like a jungle gym.
They had been living in some tall grass, which is no place for kitties at my house, as I have on occasion, mowed a litter. It was horrible. I blew one of a previous litter that I did not even know was there into a jillion pieces and cut the arm off one--it broke my heart and made me half crazy. I did not know they existed so I did not know to be on the lookout for them that time.

So due to my history ( that Madison will not let me forget) she held the babies while I mowed that area--probably a wise move, even though I really don't like her to play with the babies much.

Madison has a cat problem. They are drawn to her---then they fall in love with her and follow her around. That includes following her to her house, across the street, which is no place for more kitties. First of all, they already have a million kitties, including Ralph who defected from the farm to there. Second of all, the road is kind of busy---very dangerous crossing for kitties.
This is what they look like chasing the cat wrangler. So cute. I love kitties.

I am not a big fan of big cats though. Strange how that works.


Holly said...

awwww, they are cute and especially cute as far away as they are

Holly said...

oh, and those last 2 photos are outstanding!

Jamik said...

Ah! Love the last photo! They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sweet! ! ! !

The Pak is Bak! ! !

Momma looks proud.

I enjoy---Carol

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