Saturday, July 19, 2008

No one is safe

Even the stock guardian, the Great Pyranees!

This is Carrie's colt Phoenix--evidently he takes exception to the dog being in his pasture.

I do not think he understands the program


Anonymous said...

Hm! ! !Doggie doesn't realize who is boss of the pasture.

Everyone has to learn.

Enjoy carol

Holly said...

that dog had better learn his place! Gonna be hard to protect them if he isn't there.

Carrie said...

Poor Max. Still not sure how to protect the horses if they chase him. I think he will be fine as he matures. Have to remember he is still a baby - only 9 months old.

Mind you, I think I would run if something like Phoenix had the "get out of here" attitude like that.

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