Thursday, July 31, 2008

An excellent development

I was hunting some info today and ran across news of Diablo's first baby (a 2004 stallion), who we called Magnum. His real name is High Brow Desperado, and he now lives in Colorado.

Darren Miller is riding him in NRCHA events, and he recently took reserve in the Open Derby at the Blue Sky Firecracker Derby.

Isn't that great?

I emailed his owners and hope to hear back from them, I would love to post a photo of him on here to show him off but I am not about to poach one from their site. You can see him there at

I am SO proud of him, and thrilled to report that Diablo is a producer with her first foal, that is pretty impressive and does not happen every day. Since he is still so young, I expect great things from him in the future.

Congrats to his new owners!


Lazy A Ranch said...

He has turned out really nice, I remember his baby picture because I asked you about him and you said he was already sold.

Are these the people who bought him from you or are they someone else?

You will have to keep up on his show career now.

Paige said...

Someone else--I traded him and Spot and got Squeak and some boot---

Sounds like it has turned out well!

Lazy A Ranch said...

Sounds like he ended up where he was suppose to be. I bet you are so proud.

Holly said...

what a sweet face

Carrie said...


Look at Diablo go with two boys showing!!!

Let's hope Gunner does just as well.

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