Monday, July 28, 2008

Could this be cuter?

All three of them! That is Madison up there on Rock, her little sister petting Rock's shoulder, and her little brother petting her face.
Then Aly's first ride. Man, won't Fugly want a piece of me for this huh? Little kid, no helmet, cannot reach the stirrups, wearing flip flops. I should be shot. I won't even say the other stuff that Fugly would eat up, like it was only a second, we were right there next to her, her mother was right there with us ( so it was not like I was killing her on my own), and besides--if a 26 year old horse with 10 years of training is not almost like riding a stick horse, I do not know what to tell them.

Besides, it was a big deal to Aly who was thrilled to be up there--she would not even let go long enough to wave at the camera.

So shoot me, it was worth it.


Holly said...

that little hand on her shoulder would also be a good detail shot, crop it out.

Anonymous said...

Shoot you! ! ! with a camera if I could.

Really sweet!

enjoy Carol

*Sarah* said...

Super cute!!!!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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