Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boogie update

I have received a communique from Ryan about the progress of young Boog.

He is doing well--from his description, he sounds a little timid, which is about what I expected from him. He is smart though he says and tries to please. Ryan says he is a lot different than Target--that does not surprise me at all either, as Target is like a race car (or a Hotrod hahahahaha) and Boogie is like a hippie stoner type.

I cannot wait to see him going around!


Carrie said...

Awesome. Glad that he is going well for Ryan. And it is neat to hear the differences between Boogie and Target.

I think that will be the same for Molson and Gidget.

Gidget is - so far - being really good for Jason and Dan. I fully expect Molson to be a handful to start with. LOL

Holly said...

awwww, he's a sweetie....pleasure horse in the making?

Paige said...

Carrie, so far the ones I thought would be hell on wheels have been the easiest--and vice versa. There is no telling.

Molson seemed pretty laid back to me, so who knows what would come of him? I bet he does great. So is he going now when Gidget comes home? I look forward to that!

Paige said...

Lord, I cannot imagine how he could be a pleasure horse Holly--he does not have the right parts!

Truth be told, he has a lot of the wrong parts in that they do not all fit together in a pleasing way.

This attitude Ryan describes is much more what I expected from Slybabies than what we got from Target--more like Radar was. Boring under saddle from day 1!

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