Sunday, June 29, 2008

What he found

We are preparing for our trip to Canada, and you would be amazed at how much work that takes. Not only did we have to have a trailer checkup, which required some repairs, we had to order a new spare tire, and have the A/C checked out on the truck. Good thing we started a long time ago on that deal, as it is taking a while to fix. It goes back there again tomorrow for yet another repair to the A/C. Tuesday it goes to the detailer so it will be all fresh and clean for our very long trip.

This inspired Barry to clean it out today. He keeps coming in the house with things he finds in there. So far we have

2 bottles of various types of Off bug spray

1 can of wasp and hornet spray

1 pair of winter crocs insides---those are mine.

1 pair of brown crocs

3 I think--sets of spurs ( or more likely 2.5 pairs since there has been a lone spur wandering around here for a while causing problems)

and the wierdest thing---a bag of Uncle Bens 90 second rice

ETA: Christmas wrapping paper

Rita's missing water thermos she takes trail riding

a pile of books and a pile of greeting cards I bought to send to people and evidently lost first

a jillion needles and syringes, both used and unused

a master card bill with a due date of June 07

Stay tuned for more developments, I am sure he is not done


Holly said...

where did you guys sit?

Anonymous said...

where are you guys going?
To do what?
kind of cold and rocky for scuba diving! ! !


MicBel QH said...

Have a safe trip and don't get lost.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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